Jun 5, 2012

Welcoming June with Delila’s Happiness Project 2012

Delila Happiness Project 2011

The intention behind this project is to reach myself as an individual to make a different by creating moments of positive self realization. I started this project in 2011 (in my previous blog which i deleted) after has been inspired by Henzel with her Happiness Project in Philippines. Like the way she inspire me, I like to inspire others to do the same.

The more I grow up and become an adult, the more I realize because of our desire, dream and surrounding. Unconsciously we have created the feeling of stress, hate, jealousy and selfishness in ourselves. Till we forget that at the end of the day happiness is what we want.

Happiness is what we actually searching for.
 Happiness is what we actually looking for.
YOU fight for it, 
YOU strive for it, 
YOU want it, 
YOU need it, 
 sometimes YOU even travel looking for it.

I have learned that happiness is actually come within our heart, mind, soul and body. When your heart is full of love, eventually you will feel happy. When your mind is in the positive thinking, you feel the happiness. When there is a sense of care toward others in your soul, you feel happy. When you smile, it shows happiness. When you accept the way you look, you feel beautiful that create a sense of happiness in you.

The world can be tough. 
Life is never perfect. 
Beloved people will never stay forever.
 But no matter what happen, just find your own reason to smile and be happy.

Trust me the simple act of smiling will keep you burning like a candle in the wind.

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