Feb 28, 2012

Delila Designs will be at TWTUPJOHOR

Hello Lovelies!
  I'm so excited to inform you that Delila Designs Jewelleries will be joining at  TWTUPJOHOR this coming Saturday. 

Show some love & support.
 Do drop by at Delila Designs Booth  this Saturday 2pm to 11 pm to shop.

Delila Designs will be selling:  

I'm wearing Delila Designs Rantai Collection (My cousin & I )


With Hadifah Zakaria. We both wearing Delila Designs Earrings.


I'm wearing Delila Designs Brooch.
  • BOMBAY BANGLES (Handmade Indian Jewellery)
I'm wearing Bombay Bangles.

You in love with  Delila Designs Jewelleries! :)

So come to my booth this Saturday, See yourself & Grab it!
 There will be a Special Promotions, discounts & the best thing is you can feel & try Delila Designs Jewelleries before you purchase.

I'm looking forward to see everyone & don't be afraid to come up to me to say HI! 


* Check out Delila Designs Shop Online for New Collection

Feb 27, 2012

Popping In to Say Quick Hello!

I often find myself wanted to wear more modest, simple & interesting jewellery. Therefore this time I’ve come out with Rantai Collection which is the collection of necklaces from Delila Designs.

I'm wearing  Bunga Necklace, Delila Designs Rantai Collection & White Snow Necklace, Delila Designs Rantai Collection.

If you are a fan of dainty, funky & interesting necklaces, you are going to be blown away for this New! Delila Designs Rantai collection.

So stay tuned. 
More of Rantai Collection is coming out soon
Something special is coming soon- I've got an exciting news to share with you guys!


Feb 26, 2012

Funny Weird Little Habits & Guilty Pleasure.

  • I love dressing up. Sometimes I’m fully dress although I just stay at home. I like to try on clothes after clothes when I’m bored. 
  • I have a time when I don’t like to answer my phone. I call it ‘the phone phobia cranky mood’. I know bad habit! But the funny thing is I’ll text back almost immediately if people text me.
  • I always order Whooper Burger when I went to Burger King and surprisingly enough I never try other burger on the menu. Please tell me I’m not the only one who obsesses over one specific food. You do too??? :)
  • I am super obsessed with boxes. Almost everything that I own I’ll put in the boxes or little bag. I feel like everything needs to have their little home.
  • I’ll make sure everything around me is clean and organize before I’m going to bed. I couldn’t sleep until everything is tidy and neat! Oh I guess my future husband will have a problem with this!
  • Guilty pleasure movie.There are three movies that I’m addicted & never ever will get bored although I watched thousands of times. They are Confessions of a Shopaholic, Coco before Chanel & Devil Wear Prada. I love these Movies like crazy!
  • I love strawberries! From cheesecake, ice cream and milkshakes to chocolates. I have no idea why..But I’m in love with this fruit. I think because when you cut strawberry into two you can see the shape of LOVE! :P
  • I will sweep the floor or vacuuming when I’m stress. I am super obsessed with vacuum. I wish one day there will be a silent vacuum ( last week I found super cool silent vacuum, my wish come true!) so I can vacuuming in the middle of the night if I want & will not disturb others.
  • My favourite colour is Purple but surprisingly enough I don’t own a lot of purple. There is something in purple that attract my eyes. If you wear anything purple, you better watch out darling! I might be staring at you. ;)
  • I love, love, love handbag. I will never go out without carry one. To me a handbag is like a sister in my arm.

Now you all know my deep dark side! :) What is yours?

Feb 24, 2012

Quick Tips for Women to Become Stylish

How to become stylish? First you need to know what being stylish does mean. A stylish person is not a fanatic follower of fashion. Style is more associated with individuality. It helps to reveal a person’s character, mood & even dreams. You can read my previous post Here what i think about style & fashion. A stylish women is the one that choose clothes which ideally fit her rather than following what in the fashion trend. Stylish person knows their own body & how to dress it. Here are my few quick tips to be stylish.
I wore Delila Designs Earrings 
  • A good pair of jeans goes for comfort.  It is important to try them on before you buy. If going for skinny jeans get stretchy ones. If you have curvy hips go for low boot cut jeans to show them off. If you need a little more room for thighs and calves go for a relaxed fit, or for the bum go for low waist, low pockets and balance things out with flared ankles.
  • A white blouse is versatile and feminine
  • When it comes to evening dress think of the whole outfit before you purchase. Make sure you have shoes and jewellery to match, maybe get a versatile dress that can be dressed down for occasions too.
  • Basic Black Dress .The basic black dress has been around for a long time. It is often called the "Little Black Dress". I always go for shorter skirts on the basic black dress, that hit  in the right place, can be more flattering than a long black dress.
  • Most importantly, the correct underwear. Start with a good foundation and the rest of the outfit will follow. Go and get yourself measured if you are not sure.
  • Less is more
  • Don't wear bold colours, metallic, animal print and retro glamour all at once.
  • Pick one style per outfit and don't go overboard, often one or two accessories will look fabulous with a simple outfit.
  • Have at least one pearl jewellery (a pair of studs, dangling earrings, or a single-strand pearl necklace) for everyday use. It is not as expensive as diamonds, but it can still exude understated elegance.
  • High heels are a necessity for women.
  • Instead of getting cheaper pairs of shoes, invest in a sturdy, classic pair of black leather pumps. The heels should be at least two and a half inches high. For those who feel uncomfortable with pumps, get a pair of platform shoes.
  • Day make up is lighter than evening and summer is lighter and more sun kissed than winter which is darker and matte.
  • Finally, this is the most important rule among all with regards to style. Don’t wear what you don’t like, in any given occasion if you’re not feeling good on an outfit just don’t wear it. The main reason of fashion is to make you look great and of course to make you feel comfortable.



Feb 22, 2012

Caring for Your Jewellery

Wondering how to keep your jewellery clean? Well here are some simple tips for you.
  • When dressing up always remember to put your jewellery on last as hairspray, perfume & make up can cause damage to your jewellery.
  • Do not wear too many chains at once as they can rub against each other & damage each of the chains.
  • Clean your jewellery using warm water with a soft toothbrush or you can buy a special cleaning product.
  • Keep all your jewellery separate so that they do not scratch one another.
  • Remove all jewellery when swimming as chlorine may damage them.
  • Remove all jewellery while bathing/showering as the soap causes soapy film on jewellery.
  • Protect your jewellery from damage by removing them while doing housework like gardening, washing the dishes & cooking
  • Keep your jewellery out of direct sunlight & fireplaces as the heat can cause your jewellery to fade.

Feb 20, 2012

Bags for Men

I saw man constantly carrying bag and checking them in when I was at the airport. I think bags have become a necessary tool and style accessory for man. It’s no longer seen as women’s item. As a matter of fact more and more men’s realize how important it is for them to carry a bag especially when they are travel. There is a bag out there to fit your style and your way of life. I can see now man’s bags are masculine, attractive and contemporary. Personally I don’t really know about the trends of man’s bag. But if men ask me, is backpack is good choice? I will say NO. For me a bag pack is only a good  for hiking trips, for bikers, for athletic or for boys under the age of 12. Try others trendy bag like leather messenger or newsboy bag. 
To Gentleman out there! I hope there is something in here that helps you out or simply just make you happy because there is a girl that cares about how you look.
‘There has been a change in men’s attitudes toward their clothes. Men are more aware of fashion; they’re not afraid of it.’ Calvin Klein.
Love Delila

Feb 16, 2012

Delila Portfolio 2011

Fashion Art Through Time

Delila Portfolio 2011


Feb 15, 2012

Favourite looks at Grammy Awards 2012

Adele in Giorgo Armani. 
I love this vintage & simple look of her  gown with a boat neck and three quarter length sleeves.

Carrie Underwood in Gomez-Gracia.
I could say that this white and silver sequined stunner has an aura. I won’t think twice to wear it on my wedding. I love the sexy open back. This dress looks great!

Rihanna in Giorgio Armani.
Another Giorgio Armani but in completely different style. This dress is very sexy, simple & need lots of confident to wear it.

 Katy Perry in Elie Saab Spring/Summer Haute Couture. 
This lady like dress is very pretty. Love the colour, the flows at the back and the shape.


Feb 14, 2012

My Favourite Look this Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day Lovelies!
I could feel that this week everyone is in romantic mood. I created few pieces that would guide you girls for a romantic Valentine's Day.

It's still not to late to treat yourself this Valentine's with Delila Designs Jewelleries
Shop at Delila Designs


Feb 13, 2012

Its All about Accessories

Even a cat needs one. Inspired by the Chihuahua collars. Since I got her in 2010, I have made few collars for my cat’s Coco. Thanks God Coco wears her collar quite happily. I think by now she feels naked whenever not wearing her collars.
The collar she wore when she was 5 months old.

The collar she wore when she was 8 months old

Coco's latest collar


Feb 11, 2012

Fabric & Texture Make Up the Character

Choosing a right fabric is actually one of the important aspect.  If you look carefully you’re surrounded by it, from the moment you dress in the morning to the time you rest your head on your pillow at night. How much do we know about fabric?

Silk. As we all know silk is comfortable to wear, soft and cool the body. Silk is a luxury fabric that has smooth feel and light shine. I found that when you wear dress that made from silk, it actually sit nicely on you. But it is expensive and high maintenance. Usually silk need to dry clean and now a day there are few new silks that can hand washed. I think this fabric is meant for female. It enhances the femininity and it looks elegant on women.

Cotton. Cotton fabric is the staples fabric types. It is comfortable, flexible, lightweight and affordable. They use this cotton fabric most for men’s dress shirts. I think it because the material is easy to maintain. When we talk of protection, cotton fabrics are there to offer that. When we talk of comfort, cotton materials are totally incomparable. It suits an easy going person who likes to kick back, relax and feel good.

Linen. What can I say about linen? Because it is expensive, it is famous among certain people. It wrinkle easily and ironing linen is a great deal of work. But it can cool your body and like cotton it breathes. The quality has made it popular in hot climates. These fabrics need high maintenance. Linen should be hung in a closet, rather than folded away in a drawer. The reason is because linen fabric can break if folded in the same place too often.

Personally, I always choose dress that made from cotton for every day wear and silk when there is a special occasion. There are few of my dress that is made from mix fabric like cotton with polyester, rayon and nylon. I don’t really know about man-made fabric. So I can’t say much about it. But from my experience when I wear man-made fabric, I can feel that it is not as comfortable as natural fabric. I think it is because it doesn't breathe which means it retain body heat.

I hope there is something in here that helps you out. I love little details; I believe that details make the difference in everything we do.


Feb 9, 2012

Weekend in Picture

Wearing : Bubble Pink Ikat Dress, Delila Petite Collection. Colourful Candy Necklace, Delila Designs Jewelleries (Available Online Soon).

Feb 7, 2012

A Dress Story

Problem! I find the perfect piece of dress but it was built for tall people. This is a normal situation for me. So I keep telling myself ‘Please do not panic Delila!.’ It always happens to me. I am assuming other short woman like me is facing the same problem too. In that case we are not so lucky when it comes to find clothing for ourselves. ‘Like I said ‘Do not panic darling!’. We do have choice now but we just need to spend more time. (Isn't that cool! We can use shopping as excuses for us the la petite women to spend a quality me time. :P)
For me I will find dresses that really fit well but are still comfortable. I make sure if I want to buy a short dress either it is shorter than knee length (above the knee) or the line skirts just sit nicely below my knee. I do wear long skirts or long dress but the ‘Must Remember Rule’ is paired it up with heels. All of these will help me to create the illusion of length. To make me look taller. 
I do wear jeans. I found that jeans aren’t particularly attractive on us. Only girls who can get away with wearing them are tall girls. Frankly speaking low-rise jeans are not welcomed at all. Now a day, I don’t really into them. I advice petite women if you really feel like wearing pants. Go for high waisted pant or short pants. I do wear legging with a roomy top. Just make sure it sit nicely on you and the top not to baggy for you. 
Just remember the main magic mantra for petites is Whatever you wear, wear with confidence and smile!

Feb 2, 2012

Delila Designs Warna Bracelets (New Collection)

A simple outfit can be transformed with a single piece of jewellery. For someone who love basic and more to simple style like me, this is my immediate home- run. Bracelet is an easy addition to spice up my outfit. There is no reason to settle on just one! It’s nice to wear few bracelets at one time. Introducing Warna Bracelets from Delila Designs. It’s come in 3 colours. 
   Let’s enjoy adding your existence bracelets with Warna bracelets from Delila Designs.
                                       Arm parties are my favourite kind of parties!





Feb 1, 2012

Receive Delila Designs in Style

Here are some pictures of Delila Designs Jewelleries Packaging. I wanted to come up with a packaging that is simple, nice & sustainable for my customer. Therefore each item of Delila Designs Jewelleries will be packaged in an exclusive Delila Designs pouch bag (available in different colours & materials). The best thing is that you can still use this pouch long after you receive my products . All items are carefully packed in the White Eco friendly cardboard boxes.  I refuse to use any plastic bags & aim to use the environmental friendly packaging materials for Delila Designs products. This is because I believe that Delila Designs is committed to the responsible sourcing not only of the jewellery, but also of the bags and boxes in which it is presented to my customer. I hope you enjoy it!

So feel free to shop at Shop Delila Designs.