Jan 31, 2013

Let's The Curry Noodles Do The Talking....

Did I tell you I can eat curry noodles again and.... again and.... again?

I think I already fall in love with curry noodles. 
It’s my favourite comfort food that I will never say NO.
I would have shared with you but I’m stingy with the food I love.....

So go away! 

P1060719 P1060720 P1060721 P1060723
Oh my goodness! I really look like an ambassador of some curry noodles brand....

This is one of the foods that I really...really...really want to learn to cook.
Someone please teach me!

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Jan 30, 2013

Hello JPO!


I had the opportunity to visit JPO (Johor Premium Outlets) I spent about 3 hours or probably more exploring some of the shops. The place was no longer crowded as I heard it during the early few months of operations.  Yup I just had a chance to explore it....call me a late bird but at least better late than nothing right?

It was a nice comfortable place to shop. Plenty of parking space, rest area, benches and eating places for you to just relax or watching people madly shopping! The collection is obviously not the latest ones. But some of the shop they do offers last season’s collection for a good price. It was a nice weather when I went, it was not too hot and it was not raining.  

Enjoy few photos from my shopping time at JPO.  
I just took few photos
First:  because i was so excited to shop
Second. No one willingly to snap photos of me.... yeah my photographer ( You know who you are..;-P)  was busy shopping too.
* concrete reasons right :-)* 

Warm up time! 




Look at me & my leaning Tower of Pisa pose
This photo just showed how not interested I was to take photo...
All I want was to shop!!!


If you are around JB, I recommend you guys to come to JPO!
A little trip to JPO, will make a different...hehehe


Jan 29, 2013

Coffee Dose

Check out me and my cousin with my obsession of coffee.

One of us craves for a delicious cup of coffee.  I can’t seem to remember who it was? (It might be me or her...well does it matter? ;-P)   We kind of bored of having coffee at Starbucks or The Coffee Beans.  So we found ourselves at a newly opened cafe Chaiwalla& Co where they make  variety of coffee, tea and pie .  I’m in love with their milk tea  and their beef pie. Plus I like the style of this cafe. It’s not just any ordinary cafe but it is a container coffee. ..yeah i know! interesting right? 

My happy coffee face! :)

These were what I ordered Hot Milk Tea & beef pie....yummy! I
My cousin ordered Vietnamese Coffee. 
Yeah now u know .....she was the one who craved for it. Not me I ordered tea.... :-P
These were what we ordered the second rounds Cold Milk Tea! ...(yeah one was not enough for us, we need second round) Oh I love this place....

So guys! Go and check out Chaiwalla& Co  around Wong Ah Fok area or follow them on Chaiwalla & Co Twitter


Jan 21, 2013

My Artwork at Matic KL Exhibition 2013


6x6 Artgeng Exhibition @ Matic KL now exhibit in Matic Art Gallery, Jalan Ampang. 
My artworks are exhibit there & available for sale. January 2013.

If you free, Well you should make yourself free cos my artworks are there...
emmm... Don't you want to see my artwork? -_______-


d15f945e4b6b11e29f1422000a1fbc0e_7 72efc2b05d8411e28d6622000a1fbc43_7 f9e39d1a5d8311e2ba8122000a1f9262_7 2d237fdc5d8511e2976e22000a1fbc8d_7 affadd9c5d8511e2851d22000a1fb71f_7

Go! Feel free to Check it out. Please, do take as many photo as you like & link it to me, i'll love to see it!. :-)


Jan 16, 2013

My Life as a Wedding Planner ~ Part 6


Designing a bridesmaid dress was as challenging as designing bride/groom outfit. There are so many colours, fabric, style or accessories to choose. They gave me freedom to actually design whatever I like.  Wowww Freedom!  I won’t put it as easy but it’s an opportunity to brush up my skills. I need to strike a balance between the character of the person who going to wear the bridesmaid dresses, the budget as well as tradition versus latest fashion.

Both of the bridesmaids are teenagers. Taking into account teenagers now a day are very stylish in comparison with the teens in the past. . Their clothes always into current trend.  So I decided to design something modern, simple & sweet for them.




20121125_111253 (1)


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Jan 12, 2013

My Life as a Wedding Planner ~ Part 5

I absolutely love to go to wedding that have beautiful decorations. There are so many things that need to be done to decorate for the wedding in order to make the day simply beautiful. To me the real wedding begins at the reception. The first view of the pelamin (bridal bed) is always my favourite. 

Guess what?... I had a chance to actually design the pelamin.
 *Excited Please!*
Duh! Of course, I didn't build the pelamin by myself...
I just designed it & tell them what to do & what not. 
Yeah acting like a boss... :-p

*Drum roll*

Look at this.... :-)


Okay enough!
 you can close your mouth now...I know its beautiful...hehehe

I wanted my cousin’s wedding design to be modern & elegant while reflecting the sense of Johor traditional. By knowing the concept of the pelamin, it enables me to have more focused approach to plan the whole wedding decoration. So I decorated the halls & pelamin with lots of flowers, pastel colours, white tablecloths, gold, & light.

 Nothing over the top just a simple yet sweet.

My sketches of the decoration





With the help from Andaman Telok Belanga Bridal (Pasir gudang) & Key Canopy Services (table settings & chairs) my vision became a reality!

Thank you guys!
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Jan 10, 2013

My Life as a Wedding Planner ~ Part 4

Going to a wedding it's not complete without wearing something beautiful. It’s never wrong to wear killer outfits for a wedding and be the best dressed guest. :-)

Oh come on!
Everyone need to look beautiful & cheerful on wedding day. Right?
 As long as you not overshadow the bride & decide to wear white. It is totally acceptable! :)

 As a wedding planner I was so busy with the wedding stuff.
 I literally forgot to sew my Baju Kurung....emm yeah... you read it right.... 
Like Hello *pinch myself* 

I have NOTHING to wear. 
* emm...actually I'm sure there is something I could wear in my closet*
but still....I have NOTHING to wear... 

I bought the fabric months before the wedding & did cut it....then I totally forgot about it.
A day before my cousin's wedding i just realised that  the baju kurung actually not ready yet for me to wear.... -________-
*keep telling myself to breath & keep calm* 
With my passion, skills & focus....*I want to wear this! I want to wear this...that's all in my mind*
 I did finish sewing my baju kurung in a day...
Repeat after me IN A DAY! 
*Hugging the dress....oh good girl, mummy love u !* ;-)





I'm wearing Golden Lubang Lace, 
Delila Designs.

Few more parts of My Life as a Wedding Planner coming soon.
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Jan 7, 2013

My Life as a Wedding Planner ~ Part 3

As to design bride & groom wedding's outfit. I overcome obstacle to choose the material & colour which they wanted, Oyster grey. It’s not easy to find the right shade that suits their skin tones and their taste. We were looking all over the places. At last we found the right shades & materials of fabric at Arab Streets, Singapore. It was so funny because we have to drag the groom which is my cousin’s Hilmi to shop with us. Her mother said if we could peel his skins it’s much easier. Apparently the groom was very busy due to his tight schedule of working life and well boys! *cliche*  it’s a bit hassle to make them cooperate when it comes to shopping... :-P


Choices of Fabrics. All I wanted for the bride and groom to feel comfortable so they could eat, breath, move and more important to look good in it.
Kain samping that made out from songket.




Shophouses at Arab Streets, Singapore

Fitting for Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga for the groom at Sabree Tailor, Kg. Melayu, Majidee.


The Beautiful bride & the charming groom in their Johorean's Wedding Outfit.
Since they wanted a Johorean traditional feels, so  the bride & groom’s need to wear baju kurung & baju melayu  ‘Teluk Belanga’. 

*Sorry boys & girls, they are off the market :-p *