Dec 27, 2012

My Life as a Wedding Planner ~ Part 2




I have complied a few thoughts on planning a wedding or tips of becoming a wedding planner if you interested.  I know many of you are quite the experts here,  but below are just a few things that worked well for me and what I learned that I wanted to share. Hopefully these tips can help someone else who is planning a wedding. It sure was exhausting at times and there were moments where i thought, gosh! I am not very smart, but it sure was fun & it's worth it! 
  1. As a wedding planner all I have to do throughout the preparation was stay focused and keep organised. This is where the track of journal/worksheets comes in handy to help me to stay on top of the wedding planning.
  2. In order to get the vibes of planning the wedding I did read this novel about a life of a girl who is a wedding planner. Just to keep myself inspired! You could even watch wedding’s movie or read bridal magazine. Frankly, I didn’t read any bridal magazine. I stuck mainly to Pinterest & Google to search for specific inspirational items.
  3. Before setting on venue. Get a grip on the approximate number of guests you want to invite. In my case we had 1000 guests. So we had 30 tables setting with 10 chairs each & extra 50 chairs around the halls.
  4. We got the venue covered long before everything, paid deposit roughly 10 months before the wedding reception date. I’ve learned that choosing the right venue is the most important things in planning a wedding. Once you have chosen the venue than the whole things of the wedding will then fall into places.
  5. Set a wedding’s theme. My aunt (mothers of the groom) & the groom (my cousin) wanted a Traditional Johorean ‘s Wedding themes with sense of contemporary. So as wedding planner I need to make sure & fully alert that all elements will based on the theme that they already decided. For Johoren, the bride & groom’s would need to wear baju kurung & baju melayu  ‘Teluk Belanga’. Its tradition and tradition are important to us. It’s all about being Johor & proud of it!
  6. Don’t commit too much DIY. Yes, although I’m creative and crafty but I do realised because of the time limits I’ll be occupied with something much important. So I though limit DIY are the most cost effective and something better left with pros.
  7. Music is everything. So make sure you have a good playlists of songs that you wanted to play during big day such as what song to play when bride & groom make an entrance, songs to play during cutting & etc.
  8. I learned that start thinking of DIT ‘Do it Together’ .Give little task to relative& friends so they can help on the day. On top of that it gives opportunity for the relative/friend a way to show their love and it actually makes them feel like they really contributed to this meaningful moment.
  9.  At the same time do make sure that the groom and the bride have a good team of ushers to look after everyone.
  10. Be realistic. Don’t be afraid to ask. If the budget/ what they offered doesn’t work in your price tags/ what you desire ask them for other recommendation.
  11. Let one supplier lead you to another. For example your wedding catering will know which canopy provider that does amazing work. I’ve learned that when wedding suppliers know each other. It makes easier for everyone to communicate & to work together.
  12. Take it one step at a time. In beginning it seems like there was so much things to do in my plates. But then when i did things one by one. The task becomes much easier.
  13. I believe that beautiful wedding comes down with smallest details. These little details do make a difference on the day.
  14. Last but not least, I enjoys every seconds of being a wedding planner!

This is not the end of wedding planner post.
 I’ll share more with you guys & cover different aspects of the wedding such as behind the scenes of searching the right materials for the bridal clothes, designing bridesmaids dresses & etc

You could read Part 1 here


Dec 26, 2012

My Life as a Wedding Planner ~Part 1

I’m thrilled to share some of my experience as a wedding planner.
 Yep you read it right! 

Delila as a Wedding Planner.
 *Yep that little lady below*
Well life is too short not to take the challenge right darling! 


Party planners and caterer offered help with certain aspects of the wedding but not the whole things. There was no one to deal with the things that people really needed a hand with – 

organised overall of the wedding,
 what need to be done & what not, 
the designs of the bridesmaid dress, 
wedding gifts, 
hantaran decoration,
the decoration of pelamin,
 the table settings, 
searching for the right caterer/vendor/etc, 
dealing with mothers of the bride/groom dilemma,
the stress/nervous break down/happy moment even...
 & that sort of things. 

This is where WEDDING PLANNER what you need!
 * or ..well this where you need me :-p...hehehe*....

So last few months I did step up and took a chance to be a wedding planner /personal assistant for my cousin’s wedding, Hilmi! I’ve been planning this wedding ever since July 2012. His wedding was held in 25th November which was last month. 

Horray it was a blessed & it’s worth it!
*Happy dancing*
The groom (my cousin's Hilmi ) in green suit & I'm with beautiful bridesmaids (my cousin's Aqilah & Anis) in bridesmaid dresses that I designed.

Personally I could say, being a wedding planner is not just doing what you enjoy. Don’t underestimate the task as a wedding planner. It seems glamour & simple but there were few obstacles along the way.  So what I did was just polish my senses & dived straight in. It’s like running your own show & you are the one who in control. I've learned that I have to be organised, dedicated & creative. I need to use both the right and left side of my brain.  I realised that I also need to be people person, be calm under pressure & have good intention to detail. I did try my best to help them execute their vision into reality & now I would say I’m grateful it went so well and I do believer behind a great wedding there is a GREAT team!!!

As I was going to blog, I realised that there’s simply far too much to share within a blog post. So I guess there will be more post on Life as a Wedding Planner  for my reader. :) 

Stay tuned!


Dec 12, 2012

Oh Hey What's up!!!

Sorry for the lack of post lately. I’ve been busy sorting out few things in my life. Yep! If you follow my twitter I’m enjoying myself in my little vacation to relax, refresh & reflect 2012 to start New Year of 2013. So here are a few photos from my times from my little vacation if you like to see. 

 In case you are wondering..


Yes! I got bored in men’s department...


and ...I’m good in entertaining myself by looking silly as this... hehehe ;-P

I can’t wait to blog properly for my readers.
 Your supports & you reading each of my post mean a lot to me. 
I miss blogging & I know you guys missing me too. xoxo.