Jul 31, 2012

You Gonna Love My Style.

I wore Olga Holga,
 Delila Petite Collection 2012.
If you like to know more about Delila Petite Collection from Delila Designs, 
you can read Here




Behind the scenes of this dress click here


Jul 30, 2012

Dairy Farm {Part 3}

Since I did talk about my hot sunny fun day at the dairy farm for my previous 2 posts 
Part 1 & Part 2
Here are few things I’ve learned along the way.  

Delila (3)

#No 1 
When nothing in my closet felt bearable against the humidity, heat & the place that I was heading. So on the safe side, I choose to wear something classic & simple. Wearing Loose White Cotton Blouse from India,  TopShop Leggings & Ballerina shoes from a numbty shop.

#No 2
Huge Sunglasses to cover my eyes & face.
If you like to know what type of sunglasses suit your face. Click my previous post here

#No 3
I choose to wear light-weight, light-colour & loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibres to keep my body cool and dry quickly when  I started sweating like a pig. If you like to know more about fabric, feel free to read my previous post Here.

#No 4
Although you really don’t have anyone to impress there, but still please choose an appropriate shoes.If not this is what will happened. Screaming!! 

Mud stains here and there on my shoes. Yeah one of those wrong day to wear flat ballerina shoes. But still I survived at the dairy farm! 
Woot woot!
 Girl Power!

Delila (24)

Maybe I should start carry these
Maybe Mr should provide me with this kind of boots (size 4 please)! 


#No 5
Don't forget to use moisturizer with SPF.
 Seriously you don't want to harm your skins & start changing colour like an alien. 
This is what I put on my God given face. :)


he he he! 
 Life can be seriously funny, I started with the intention of writing about cow & dairy farm but somehow ended up here...fashion, beauty & what to wear. 
Oh well~~~


Jul 29, 2012

Dairy Farm {Part 2}

It was nice & breezy but still the sun was shining brightly on my skins. Honestly, I am not an outdoor person because I do have a hate love relationship with Miss Sunshine.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate nature.  Nature has always been a source of inspiration for me to look at things differently, relaxing & refreshing myself.

So Guys get ready!
Sit back & relax while watching the clouds, looking at the sky, the cows & Me!

Delila (25)
Such a breathtaking views

Delila (1)
How many times have you really looked at the clouds in the sky & wondered what shape they are? 
 I always do that. The wonder of it make me feel somewhere inside the sky the God is there watching over me.

Delila (25) (1)

Delila (4)
Yup that's me! 

Delila (6)

Delila (2)
I wish he can turn this in some kind of resort & farm house.
 So I can go to escape myself here for awhile.
p/s Dear Mr (You know who you are), 
I did pin few of farm house to  Delila Designs Pinterest  for specific dream Farm House that I like. Feel Free to click it. *shamelessly giving the idea...he he he!*

Delila (13)
 Some of the cows were out to do some exercise in warmer weather.

Delila (5)
Oh wow Cows! Cows!! 

Look none of them excited to see me.
 Maybe they was shocked to see someone as weirdo as me snapped photos & posted a blog about them. Sorrylah...jakun a bit.

If you missed the earlier diary farm post , click here PART 1


Jul 27, 2012

Dairy Farm {Part 1}

He took me out on a date( i think so...he he he!), there were even cows there.
arrr...yup! There lots of them...

 I was so excited! It was a last minute plan, kind of like SURPRISE! I'm such a sucker when it comes to surprises.
*Big Smile on my face*
The first thing that came across my mind, damn! I don’t even have anything appropriate to wear. Believe it/not, I own too many dresses & not a single jean.
 I own heels/flat but not a single sneaker.
 At some point I even try getting out of this plan but honestly I was so excited to see the cows. I never have a chance to see them up close. Chance comes once & I did grab it :-)

So Guess What?
 I end up looking like a lost fashionista in the middle of the dairy farm.

Delila (7) (1)
Me saying Hello to the baby calves. 
Oh dear, some of them were quite friendly & approachable. 
Adorable mooo mooo!....

Delila (8)
I even allow one of the calves to suck my fingers. 
It tickle sooo much...he he he
Their tongues feel such like sand paper. 
Praise the mighty Lord!! my finger still there.

Delila (12)
I wanted to cry !_!
when I saw the cows pee & poo everywhere. 
You darling! You really need a potty –training now!!!

Delila (18)
Some bottles feeding for the young calves.

Delila (9)

Delila (15)
Look the way they sit! 
Have u seen this before?

Delila (21)
This is the place to milking the cow. That blue tubes are the machines for milking the cow. Once the machine turned on, the milk goes to the tubes.

I learnt a lot of things, my mind work like a sponge that day & I had fun!!! 
Thanks to Mr for snapping my photos & for the patience of handling this Little Miss. 

Part 2 coming soon!


Jul 26, 2012

Next to Me

‘Ahhh Life is good! Life is good!!
 I’m sure this was what in Coco’s mind when she successfully sneaked in my room & slept next to me last weekend


One of those lucky day for her, I was deep in my dream if not I definitely kicked her out from the room. Someone must have set her off in my room on purpose. Sometimes she will keep meowing like crazy in the morning in front of my room's door. Trust this little monster to wake me up more effectively than an alarm....OHH YES!


Still I couldn't deny she look pretty cute sleeping next to me


Jul 25, 2012

My Land, My Place

I’m bringing you lovelies to dive in my creative land. 
Sneak peak of Monogram Dress,  Delila Designs Petite Collection. 
I think blog is great, you can see real people, real lifestyle & everything is just real.
My passion is my love. The creativity keep my soul alive.






Jul 24, 2012

Renew The Soul

Retail Therapy because I'm fasting. 
Have a bless Ramadhan to all Muslim!
Big Smile on my face :-)

100_7604 100_7596
 I was wearing Society Dress, 
Delila Designs Petite Collection
 Butang Earring Shop Here.


Jul 22, 2012

New Bling Bling!

#Delila Happiness Project (11)
She was wearing Greeny Monster Pet's Necklace from Delila Designs Jewelleries.



She stores my heart October 2010. 
When I really need something to distract me 
 while she is trouble, happy, cheeky & naughty most of the time. 
She made my life beyond entertaining.
 I’m happy & grateful for Coco in my life. 


Jul 12, 2012

Entertaining Myself

Retail Therapy at Men's department! 
Duhh I’m bored... let's read magazine to entertain myself. 


I wore Metal Rebel Necklace, Lyla Exclusive Raya Collection


Jul 9, 2012

Exotic Pattern Earrings

    Hope you all had a lovely weekend! My weekend was so blessed with beautiful people around me. This Monday I'd like to show you what's new at Delila Designs Jewelleries Shop

Butang Earring & Gantung Earring, 
Lyla Collection from Delila Designs Jewelleries




Jul 7, 2012

New Lyla Bracelets

New stuff exclusive for this coming Raya. You can see all this & more in my shop Delila Designs Jewelleries Shop




email deliladesigns@gmail.com  for inquiries & order now!


Jul 6, 2012

New Hari Raya Necklaces

Do yourself a favour and head down to Delila Designs Jewellery Shop for your Hari Raya preparation! New colours and designs of  LyLa Necklace are available. Bracelets & Earrings will be uploading soon! 





email deliladesigns@gmail.com  for inquiries & order now!


Jul 5, 2012

Rizalman Ibrahim Collaborating with Tesco


Owning a piece of local couturier, Rizalman Ibrahim might be a dream for many. However it will be possible this coming Raya given his exclusive collection for Tesco named 20 by Rizalman. Read here if you like to know more.  Oh dear, it’s pretty intimidating to see. I can’t stop smiling! For this collection I can still see that the detailing was not missed. He still played with lots of   lace, ribbons & sequins. I adore all his designs & he is one of the local designers that I would love to meet in person.   

20 by Rizalman-Tesco6


Read here if you like to know my opinion about this collection

Love Delila