Jun 19, 2012

Wrap Me Beautifully

#Delila Happiness Project 2012 (9)

I always get excited and happy when I open a beautifully wrapped gift. I can definitely guarantee there will be a big smile on my face and I might happily jump like a kid because of my excitement! :) I love when people show an effort to do something. For me a gift wrapped in beautiful way shows the effort done by the person. The time, the thought, the love, the honesty & the care to me is priceless.  Everyone can spend money on gifts for others. But not everyone can put an effort and thought for others unless if you are special. I feel special whenever I get a present that been wrap nicely. 
I have wrapped beautifully a gift for a friend. I have made a French beaded wire flowers to decorate the gift. It is my first trial and it takes a bit good amount of few hours to do these. But it is worth it. Show some love by shopping at Delila Designs Custom Gift Box
‘A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference.’ Eeyore

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