Nov 30, 2011


It almost the end of the year, usually this is the time that I love just to sit back & to take into account all the things that I am truly are thankful for. These are the few things that are making me terribly happy & grateful.

I am most thankful for the people in my life- from the past & present. People that always appreciate me, love me, accept me as I am & be there for me.

I am grateful for my family and friends who are always supportive, encouraging & loving.

I am grateful to be one & only daughter of an amazing parent. 

I am grateful for all my wonderful blog readers. I am grateful for you reading my blog.

I am grateful for being able to do what I love and I am enjoying myself to build up my career.

I am grateful when there is a smile on my face.

I am grateful to be able to hug people that I love.

I am grateful to be surrounded by love & give love to others.

I am grateful when I laugh till my tummy hurts.

I am grateful when I am hearing my favourite song play on the radio.

I am thankful to be able to smell freshly cut grass.

I am grateful for my adorable cat's Coco. When coco sits on my lap & give me lick kisses on my hand. 

I am grateful when i read a good book.

I am grateful when I smell the fresh flowers.

I am grateful when I enjoying a nice of coffee.

I am grateful to spend time and talking with my mum.

I am grateful when I wear nice clothes.

I am grateful when I walk in a comfortable shoes.

Here's to more happiness! :)
What random little things are you thankful for?

Nov 16, 2011

Beads & stone make up the character.

Veronica Purple Necklace, Mars White Necklace.
Delila Jewelery Collection 2011.

Nov 14, 2011

What have been keeping me feel so comfortable?

I wear my black heel wedge a lot. So much so that I could quickly become embarrassing if I posted every time I put it on (Have a look at  my previous photos).  I own it last March. I throw it on to run to the market, to class & to do my shopping.  I am in love with this heels, it make whatever I've got feel more comfortable. I wear it to just about every single outing and parties I attend. It just always works. I abusively wore all year long. Even now big boss mummy start giving me unapproved look when I keep wearing this wedge. 
Okay I hide this wedge already mummy, no need to make faces!
but the truth is I am still in love with it & sometimes I do miss this blackly wedge. I want to get a new one in different colour ( or maybe this is what I want for Christmas).

Love Delila

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Nov 12, 2011

Hey Shorty: Guide to dressing for petite sizes

According to fashion industry petite defined as 5'5 inches tall & under. My 5' tall make me fall under a petite category. I found that fashion for petite women can be at time tricky and challenging. But trust me darling, if you know the trick, we actually have a lot of advantage. So to all the petite women the news isn't all bad. Just because you are petite doesn't mean you can't make a big fashion statement. After all good things come in a small package. 

Here are some tips & tricks to highlight your assets: 

Empire waist 
Anything with higher rise will elongate your legs. Find shorts and trousers that hits at your natural waist.Long sleeves tops & jacket sleeves must not be any longer that your wrist.

Tops Neckline
V neck & broad necklines flatter petite women as they create an illusion of a long and lean neckline.

Choose the best length
Skirts should not cover your knees. Maxi skirts are not graze the floor. Pants should always graze the top of your feet. 

Stick to simple snug fitting clothes. The classic wrap dress is very friendly because it points a vertical line on your body. It is important to maintain clean, lean, line when dressing.

Think Balance
Too much fabric will over power your figure. So think balance. Volume on top means slim on the bottom & vice verse.

Monochromatic outfits
Shorter women will look taller and more pulled together.If they wear the same colour from head to toe.

Necklace and earring draw attention up to the face. So a long statement necklace with bright colours really draws eyes up. 

Be sexy
Show some part of the body so you don't get lost in your clothes.

Have a great tailor
One of the most important parts of being able to wear the dress that you totally fell in love with is to be able to know that you have a great tailor that you can count.

With a few tricks on hand & positives thinking, I'm sure all petite women will look fabulous. Honestly, if you have a great personality & style, no one will even bother about your lack of height. Just keep your chin up darling!


Nov 10, 2011

Mr Charming Well-Dressed Rebel

Can you really blame a guy for wearing his jeans a bit too high on his waist?  Well, No! But we can offer advice for better style.

When you wear a blazer with shorts, you get the feeling that you’re dressed up, but you’re still casual. It says ' I don’t work for The Man.’ Most guys, if they’re going to pull this look off, would probably be more comfortable wearing an unstructured cotton jacket with busted-up cargo shorts. It takes a brave man to wear a tailored jacket with tailored shorts. Which will look like this...

'But that’s the point.It’s something you’re not supposed to wear. That’s rebellion.-Michael Macko, Director of Menswear, Saks Fifth Avenue'. Do remind yourself whether you wear a crisp blazer or rumpled cotton jacket when you wear it with shorts, skip the socks. As Macko says, you don’t want to look like you live in Bermuda.

To me, style goes hand in hand with taste. After all it is your taste!

Love Delila