May 9, 2013

Quick Birthday Surprise!

We stopped by at Pot De Fleur in Sentosa and I was in love.
It’s a cafe with all my favourite things...books, clothes & coffee.
Trust me, you need to try to check it out but keep in mind that the menu is limited no cakes or anything fancy.
I want to open up a cafe like this one day... 
I am serious!

IMG_20130420_171135 (1)




Say Hello to the birthday girl!!! woot....wooot!
Click here if you like to know more

Click here if you like to know more...


Mar 11, 2013

My Sunday coffee session : Niniq Bistro


20130223_153709When my cousin suggested Niniq Bistro for our coffee session, I was in and I’m in love with the cakes. Well... who doesn't love pretty yummy cakes *pointing at myself*. :-)

I have sleepy bags under my eyes...haih this is not cool!  ;-(




Tired of listening of me nagging and giggling, she (my cousin's Hadifahneeded tweet-ing distraction time... haih.. -______-




Mar 5, 2013

A Girl, A Cake & A Big Smile!

It was my birthday yesterday, I turned 26 years old this year. Yay!! for the cake, candles & lots of  birthday love. Happy birthday to me!  I would say I am a day older and a day wiser. I am ready to see what being 26 years old going to be like. All I want are extra happiness, joy, lots of love & pursuing my dreams.


p/s : A little note for my reader

Hi Guys!,
I am sorry I was away so long and for disappearing without a much as a note saying I’ll be taking a time off. Please forgive me. I can only say that I have been taking it easy on blogging and recharging myself. Now I feel newly inspired, I am ready to jump back in and share what’s happening around me. So stay tuned & keep visiting my blog for the latest update. Wohoo!!!

Love & Kisses

Feb 27, 2013

Speaking of A Cat

If you follow me on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM you might recall how much I like to bully Coco. However as much as I like to annoy her, Coco likes to bully me too.

Well if you guys don't believe me, lets the pictures below do the talking than.... ;-p

IMG_20130209_080140 20121216_124039 IMG_20130121_201550 IMG_20130120_203013
^ Meowing in front of my room & sitting on my lap every morning. 

^ Coco decided to sleep on my desk when I was sketching something.

^ Taking over my laptop to watch Nala the Cat. Apparently Coco love to watch it. I think if I let her to watch Nala, she might stare at the screen the whole day.

^  Playing with my pen when I was busy writing.... & look at her tail... -______-

Apart all of her naughtiness, it is silly how much I love Coco..haih....


Feb 17, 2013

Artsy Craftsy Handmade Cards.

When I create a handmade card there is always kick of excitement in me. Crafting is amazingly therapeutic.   I have added few of my handmade cards that I made few years back.  If you are interested to order... I will love to make personal card for you 
 plus feel free to send me card because getting card is my favourite too. *wink*




P1060750 P1060745





Made with Love by 

Feb 12, 2013

Guess Who's in the Kitchen?

I discover a little love for baking and cooking. 
* I don't lie! can u believe it??? I have a hard time believing it too.. ;-O*
 I am not sure why and how it happened?
Lately I spent quiet amount of time doing this things. It freaks me out but I take it positively.
 Here’s the thing.
 Cooking was probably the last things ever in my mind.
But recently I just enjoy myself doing it
. But honestly, if it doesn't have less than 10 ingredients, if it’s not easy & if it is not a simple recipe... I'm not interested!
Oh come on guys I’m taking a baby steps here.... *well at least I'm starting*

 I’m pretty sure some of you are excited to see what I had made. 
Now let the picture do the talking.....*drum rolls*

Chicken Black Pepper Soy Sauce.

IMG_20130208_141920 IMG_20130207_133305

Tom Yam

Jemput-Jemput Ikan Bilis
IMG_20130205_173851 IMG_20130204_124203

Sweet Sour Prawns

Bingka Ubi
IMG_20130129_195925 IMG_20130129_181128
Spinach Pie

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Feb 11, 2013

Just Saying...

Wishing you an Awesome Happy Chinese New Year!

My holiday has been great just staying home, meeting family, cousin and friends, eating lots of good food and watching Gossip Girl’s season 3... * I know pathetic of me...i haven’t watch it yet*

Hope yours is just as good, if not better!

well....guess what I wish this Chinese New Year... 




Feb 7, 2013

Baju Kurung + Wedding

My bestie, Qistina is married! I’m so happy for her. 
* okey boys...she off the market...*

This is what I wore to my Bestie’s Wedding, Oriental Malay Baju kurung, Delilah Designs. I love wearing baju kurung.It will look awkward for me to wear baju kurung in my everyday life. So wedding is the only time for me to wear it and ... I'm loving it. :)



I am with the gorgeous bride (oh she's glowing...) and charming groom. 

Candid photos of us when I was telling the groom to take good care of her. Yeah u better dude! :-D



Jan 31, 2013

Let's The Curry Noodles Do The Talking....

Did I tell you I can eat curry noodles again and.... again and.... again?

I think I already fall in love with curry noodles. 
It’s my favourite comfort food that I will never say NO.
I would have shared with you but I’m stingy with the food I love.....

So go away! 

P1060719 P1060720 P1060721 P1060723
Oh my goodness! I really look like an ambassador of some curry noodles brand....

This is one of the foods that I really...really...really want to learn to cook.
Someone please teach me!

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