Mar 30, 2012

Common Fashion Mistakes Women Should Avoid

  1. Say NO to wrinkled clothes. Avoid looking like you haven't made the effort.
  2. Wrong underwear. Lingerie that shimmers & shines beneath your outfit is very gross. Get the inner wear right before you step out of the house. Wear good, well fitting underwear and don't show bra straps or slip hems.
  3. Too many colours & patterns. Lots of colours together confuse the eye, choose two or three.Don't be afraid of colour or pattern but less is more.
  4. Wrong size. Be honest when you shop.  Make sure you wear clothes that fit you right. If you wear clothes too big you’ll look sloppy. If you wear clothes are too small you will look like you gain few pounds. Wearing the right size clothes in good tailored fitting will make you look wonderful no matter what your size.
  5. Too many accessories. Accessories can really make an outfit, but again don't overdo it. If you wear too much you will look like a homeless girl that trying to wear everything so they don’t get stolen.
  6.  Stuck in rut. Don't always stick to the one style of clothes, have some fun changing your wardrobe 
  7.  Inappropriately dressed.  Dress according to your age. Be aware when you dress. If you’re under 30 you can get away with most current trends. But when you’re over 30 you need to stop trying so hard to recapture your youth and you might end up dressing like a teenager. When you being over 30 you needs to dress simple & sophisticated not too trendy.
  8. Inappropriate make up. Make up is meant to enhance your beauty not to be used as a mask. 
  9. Flaunting the bag. Carry your handbag with dignity & a sense of style. 
  10. Unmatched fabrics. Dress for the season, heavier knit for winter doesn't match with the lighter sheer summer fabrics.
  11. Same hairstyle. Update your hairstyle, don't get stuck in a rut.Your hairstyle can be an information source for people about your age, social status, education and so on.
  12. Repeating outfit. No harm in repeating outfit but make sure you style them differently each time. 
  13. Wrong colours. Know your skin and hair tone and what colours compliment you.
  14. Mismatched shoes. Your shoes must match with your look and your outfit.

I believe that every woman has inside of her a piece of good news. The good news is that you have no idea how great you can be, how much you can love, what you can achieve and what is your potential. So ladies! start to believe in yourself & have faith in your abilities.


Mar 29, 2012

Pretty Package

Someone birthday is coming up & you don’t know what to buy? You are looking for a gift for your mum, best friend or girlfriend. So now you can buy Delila Designs Jewelleries that comes with a special package.  

Delila Designs door gifts will be added very soon to Delila Designs Online Store. But if you like to purchase it now, feel free to email me. 


Mar 26, 2012

Quick Fashion Tips for Men

  1. Do not wear socks with sandals. Sandals are to be worn in summer when the temperatures are high. Socks not require.
  2. Try before you buy. Then you will know what suits you and what not.
  3. Invest in good suit. Suit is important for any types of men.
  4. Do spice up your outfit with a little colour.
  5. Don’t ignore your skins. Don’t take facial care for granted.
  6. Don’t wear funny T-Shirts. T-shirts with funny messages on them look ridiculous.
  7. Don’t wear dark brown & black. The contrast is terrible.
  8. Invest in superb pair of shoes. A good pair of shoes can last you a long time. Think of them as an investment. Trust me, one things that women will notice, it’s your shoes.
  9. Don’t unbutton your shirt too much.
  10. Always iron your clothes.
  11. Do mix formal with casual.
  12. Get a great haircut.
  13. Make sure everything fits impeccably. Most males wear clothes that are too large or sometimes too small.
  14. Shave that face. Make sure your beard is trimmed, the bald heads is in fact bold and the nails are short & clean.
  15. Big No, NO! To fashion Tees with logos, you look like a walking billboard. Coca Cola shirt/McDonald Shirts.
  16. An undershirt is an undershirt. It is to be worn underneath your dress shirt.
  17. It is always better to be a little bit overdressed than under dressed in a situation. All you have to do is think about where you want to go and who you are going to be.
  18. Watches are the single most important accessory a man can own. Invest in one good watch that suits your lifestyle and taste.
  19. Start from scratch. Invest in good tailored blazer, jeans & dress t-shirts.
  20. Last but not least, take a women shopping with you. We will definitely help you to find some wonderful pieces. :)

To gentlemen out there, if you are in your 20’s try to experiment with new style. This maybe the only chance you’ll ever have in life to push your hack.  I hope there is something in here that helps you out or simply just make you happy because there is a girl that cares about your style & want you to look trendy!

Mar 23, 2012


My Life is usually full of work, classes, design & blogging with a touch of spending time with the lovely people in my life & my cat's Coco. I love what I do and  I feel so bless to be part of every single avenue of my career. I believe lots more to come & It's still  the beginning...

Have a fabulous weekend Lovelies! 
Hope you're all able to get outdoors and enjoy yourself!


Mar 21, 2012

New at Delila Designs

Hello Lovelies!
I just added new charm bracelets today.Get one for yourself.... or as a gift to a friend! Feel free to check out Delila Designs Jewelleries

I was wearing Rantai Quinze Necklace, Delila Designs Shop Here! &
New Charm Bracelets, Delila Designs  Shop Here!


Mar 20, 2012

Lovely Beautiful Things I can't live without - Part 3

I wore Delila Designs Earrings
Shop Now

My Favourite Store
I love Watsons! I can spend hours in Watsons. I can get everything here from cosmetics, skincare to hair care. Every month without miss i'll come here. Somehow I feel that girls need a lot of things to maintain their class as a woman.  I’m sure every women love Watsons too like I do! 
ps- I do wish I own a store like Watsons or  marry the owner of Watsons. Without miss I definitely will be here, everyday! :)

No matter how much I’m embracing the idea of online shopping. I still couldn’t resist real shopping. I like the experience of going through the stores, running my fingers over the fabrics and most of all I like the feeling when I try the dress that I want.

I love the process of doing little things to other people & enjoying little details in life. Even if  it’s as simple as making a cup of coffee, smiling at strangers and writing a sweet note.

Pretty Drinks
I love when they use flower to garnish my drink. Somehow drinks just taste better when they are pretty. Nope! Not really but they sure are a lot of more fun and love to drink!

Living a Fabulous Life
To me, living life to the fabulous is not just pretending everything is beautiful, nice, happy chappy and amazing. I am not perfect and I don’t believe in perfect. I believe making complaint, sometimes disagree with things and saying NO are actually living my life fabulously. By expressing your honest feeling, what is on your mind and brave to show your weakness to other are actually living your life fabulously. You are fabulous the way you are. Believe me darling, there are people out there that will accept and love you the way you are.  

To my blog reader, I want to say thank you for stopping by. You guys are the best & never fail to inspire me day in and day out. And a big welcome to my new reader! It's lovely to have you all here. I'm looking forward to get to know you all better in the future. Feel free to send me an email or follow me on TWITTER. Happy Tuesday Lovelies!


Mar 19, 2012

Monday Beauty

I wore Delila Designs Necklaces from  Rantai Collection 

Beauty is all about your heart and soul. It’s about how you treat yourself, others and how you live your life. I am a firm believer that beauty starts from inside out. Eat healthy, take vitamins, drink a ton of water, stay active and get plenty of sleep.Now it’s time to start a brand new week. Planning to take it a little slow today & ease myself into the fresh new week. 

Wishing you all a lovely week ahead!  


Mar 17, 2012

Always Fun to be A Girl

I can say that I’m a pretty low maintenance girl when it comes to beauty regime. My must have beauty products are Simple Cleansing Lotion, Simple Moisture Cream and Simple Toner. I have been used these Simple products since my junior high. I found that this product is pretty basis. It’s brilliant for people with sensitive skins like me. These are the products that work best for me which I have come to depends on after a lot of trial and error. Let me remind that they may not necessary be perfect for you. No matter what type is your skin, you need to make sure you cleanse your face twice daily and apply right moisture with SPF 15 every time you leave the house. I hope there is something in here that helps you out .
Smile, it’s Simple!


Mar 15, 2012

Art Through Time

        Last two weeks I visited Johor Art Gallery (Galleri Seni Johor) & Photo exhibition at Rumah Merah Johor. I normally don’t post stuff like this but I thought maybe I’ll start doing so. It’s just because  these two places are very interesting & I knew that I wanted to share with you all. I have so much love for painting & photography. I love painting but I could say that I’m good in drawing rather than painting. I always feel it’s a very absorbing activity, more relaxing & I 'm enjoying doing it. If you interested to have a look at my drawing, feel free to click (HereHere & Here). As much as I love painting, I do love photography too but frankly I’m not good in it.  I take bad photo of beautiful people and views. Come on darling, this is art too! :)  I have a lot of respect for people who have not only have the talent and ability to paint but also for people who can capture beautiful images through the lenses.  

The gallery was great but personally i think they just need to invest more to improve the look of the building from the outside. I love the colonial structure of it. If you like to know more about the history of the building click Here.  The gallery included works by  Royal Higness ,Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris. I found that her pieces on show at the gallery are eye-catching and inspiring, especially her painting of women in moments of happiness, grief and glory. 

My cousin (Hadifah) & I. 
Thanks to her. She’s the one who drove me to these beautiful places in Johor. :)

 Hadifah was wearing Delila Designs Earrings SHOP NOW & I was wearing Delila Designs Bracelets (Coming Soon!)

       Photo exhibition of  Winners, The colours of Iskandar Malaysia at Rumah Merah  was spectacular too.  All in all we both have a lot of fun! So if you are into painting or photography why not check out these two places in Johor. 


Mar 14, 2012

Door Gifts Coming Soon!

Delila Designs door gifts will be added very soon to Delila Designs Online Store.
 So stay tuned!
Here are the glimpse of door gifts that I did last week.  If you want to get frequent update of Delila Designs, feel free to follow me on twitter. You’re more than welcome to say hi to me. I love to get to know my readers.
Happy Wednesday Love! Let’s spread the positives vibes today.


Mar 13, 2012

Things that make you go aahh & make me go wee!

I couldn't understand why people could ohhh, ahh & waaa over the baby. Yes baby are definitely very cute and adorable. Their soft skin, their little fingers and their size, it makes your heart melt like Haagen-Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake. But I always wonder how people could look and spend time with baby for such a long time. Give me 10 minutes looking at their face or maybe half an hour spends time with them & I can tell you I’m definitely done. Please tell me what else I need to see? Maybe I’m missing something’s here.  For goodness sake, the baby doesn't even do anything except crying & sleeping. I guess if the baby could speak, he/she will say ‘Yeah I know I’m superb cute but please leave me alone. I’m not a clown, I don’t want unnecessary attention. Go away! I need to sleep in peace.'
Or Maybe I’m not really a kid person or baby person. But I always keep telling myself that one day I could find one good reason about kid that can make me smile & love them.

Guess what? My wish comes true.

 When I came across these two photos (above), it makes me feel so excited & I start jumping around (oh yeah  ...I always do that when I'm in my exciting mode!.). Can you see why I’m so excited and start jumping around? OMG how super cute is these two little girl in handbag costume & Audrey Hepburn look. I feel like I want to kiss them, hug them & I want to open my arms wide for them to walk with me (any of them). I want to bring these girls to all the party, eat ice cream & shopping with me. (Obviously they need to look stylish like this during all those occasions).

I think the best things about kids are we could dress them in interesting clothes and they will still look cute no matter how ridiculously interesting the clothes might be. I love the cute children clothes & always fight the urge to buy things in children clothing. Sometimes I did end up buying for myself children clothes just because it fit me nicely (Tips for petite women!). I could foresee that my future girl will wear costume like this. Yes I know that children aren't dolls but I can't help but look forward dressing them in cute clothes. 
Weee! Now I’m officially could see a good things about them. So now I could declare myself as a kid person & a friendly baby. Hooray!

Now I'm smiling & start flipping my hair whenever I'm with baby! :)
(My cousin & I)


Mar 9, 2012

Polish Passion

I am happy to share how I made the art frames for my booth.
 It’s really simple.

I bought a white glossy spray paint (you can see below) & gave the frames its first coat. 

Then back a few more times with the spray. This time I concentrated more on where I wanted thicker structure. 

Here is the finish product. 
You can see my previous blogged post if you like to see more. Here


Mar 7, 2012

Delila Designs was at TwtupJohor

          For those lovely people that has been following me on twitter, my blog & subscribe me on Facebook by now have had enough about Delila Designs participated at TwtupJohor Event last Saturday. Here are some pictures that I manage to snap before the crowds turn up!

That's my cousin & I . I was wearing Necklace from Rantai Collection, Delila Designs. 
Shop Here

Last Saturday was great! 
The place look great, the music was good, and the food was yummylicious but unfortunately I couldn't indulge and enjoying myself eating just because I was so busy selling or I could say entertaining my customer.  Actually, I was quite tickle about this event. It was my first time opening a booth to sell Delila Designs Jewelleries. In the beginning, I was so nervous,a bit excited and at the end I'm glad that I did participate in this kind of event. I gain a lot experience, I got the chance to mingle around with people and getting to know my customer.

To all my lovelies customer that bought Delila Designs Jewelleries, Thank you soooo much. I’m so honoured to be part of your style. To my cousins and aunts that came to my booth. Thanks for the love & support! 

Mar 6, 2012

Shoes Styles for Men

If you think that man’s shoes are boring? You obviously haven’t been buying the right one. With changing times men have also grew a fascination for footwear. 
A must have men’s shoe style is Black Dress Shoes. Every man needs to have one. If you need a versatile, basic shoe that will take you a few seasons into the future. Go with this one. I think man always needs to choose a shoe that is darker than their suit. Black dress shoes will go with almost any colour suit. So don’t worry! You are on a safe side. Do remember! Always keep them polished and looking sharp. 
Man’s athletic shoes or sneakers. Those are casual everyday shoes. Even if you are not a sporty guy you need a good pair of sneaker. It always comfortable to wear and it look trendy. Try to be a bit bold by choosing an interesting design with bright colour. 
I prefer men to wear sandals rather than sports sandals. It slightly more formal version, leather replaces rubber. They are comfortable, plain and simple. It’s wearable at spring, beachwear and summertime. You can wear it with shorts and it looks nice for outdoor events with linen suits. Please never ever wear them with socks! :P
Loafers. Not every man will wear loafers. Not every man can carry loafers as well. There are few types of loafers. They are one of the most versatile men’s shoe styles. It can be dressed up or dressed down. I found it very classy when men wearing a loafer especially with a pair of khakis. 
To Gentleman out there, I hope there is something in here that helps you out or simply just make you happy because there is a girl that cares about your appearance.
So guys you can start saying’ I still have a feet on the ground, I just wear a fabulous shoes!’ 

Mar 1, 2012

New Fabulous Things

Come this Saturday to shop at Delila Designs! You are free to come up to me, say hi & introduce yourself. There will be a Special Promotions, discounts & the best thing is you can feel & try Delila Designs Jewelleries before you purchase.

Just added Rantai Collection, Delila Designs Necklaces. Now Delila Designs Necklaces are available at Delila Designs Online Store. Here are a sneak peak of two of them, enjoy!