Delilah Clothing Line .

Delilah Clothing Line is designed by me, Delila Abu Bakar. It is lovingly handmade and specially designer. No two pieces are exactly alike except the collection for Ready-To-Wear and all the fabrics for Delilah Clothing Line are handpicked by me. I love dressing up every day. I am complete obsess with beautiful dresses. Designing a beautiful dress is my passion. I always dream to create a dress line and wanted to design clothes. Now I am living my dream. As someone who loves fashion designing and tailoring, I find a great joy in making dress. Each dresses that I have design and make, give me moments of happiness and inspiration.  

I got some sewing lesson & tailoring course. I am constantly learning the ever changing fashion world and always brushing up my tailoring skills. Being petite make me learnt, it is very challenging for petite women to find the right dress. Standard sizes dresses often look too big or too long on petite women. So I want to design and to tailor dresses that specialize in petite clothing and at the same time helping other women to look beautiful.

Thank you for taking time to explore Delilah Petite Collection. Live Fabulously!