Jan 31, 2012

Jan 30, 2012

Office Wear for Men

To men when it comes to office wear remind yourself to dress smartly. Keep in mind the work culture of the office. If it is corporate office go for sophisticated look. Wear dark coloured or pin striped suits with a pale shirt & matching colour of tie. Avoid prints especially large, crazy colours & flowery ones. If your job relate to entertainment industry, media house and advertising firm you do have a freedom to add the sense of casual & stylish in your dressing. A pair of denim, a smart shirts & jackets looks good.
For Gentleman, I hope there is something in here that helps you out or simply just make you happy because there is a girl that cares about what you wear to office. 

‘The finest clothing made is a person’s skin but of course society demands something more than this.’ Mark Twain.

Jan 27, 2012

Golden Therapy

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Jan 26, 2012

Spreading the Cheer

White Lunar Earrings, Delila Designs Jewelleries.

Kerawang Earrings, Delila Designs Jewelleries.

Lucky Dragon Earrings, Delila Designs Jewelleries.

Jan 24, 2012

Lovely Beautiful Things I can't live without- Part 2

I refuse to switch to any kind of digital reader. I love the smell of books. I love the smells of new books that waiting to be read. Antique old books with beautiful designed jackets, sweet little messages written on the inside & the rusty look of the paper. I always wonder who the previous owner of the book. 

Did I mention I love flowers? Be it a bunch of flowers from the market or a few wild flowers.  The very thought of them just bring a smile to my face. I have firm believe that flowers were put on earth to make us happy. Whenever I need a lift, flower will do the trick!

I am officially a dress addict. I couldn’t resist dress because nothing makes me feel more fabulously feminine than a well cut dress. I love the pattern, the cut and the fabric of dress on me. Dresses are so easy to throw on and run out the door. Trust me darling! Dress is the best of option when you live in a hot tropical country.

I love giving and receiving hug from people that mean something in my life. Whenever I hug someone I feel like the world is telling me everything will be okay, there is a love. When I hug someone I’m actually telling them that I care about you and you are lovely.  Nothing can make everything okay after a hard time but I believe the simple act of giving a hug can actually make a different.

 I like the bright red colour of strawberry. The sweet smell of it. I like when I eat it, the juices drip down my chin and between my fingers. Dipping it in chocolate, eating it with creams and having a strawberry milkshake, it feels like heaven.  I found that the heart shape from strawberry is so beautiful. It is like a fruit of love. 


Jan 22, 2012

Designer Sniffs

Wearing : GlamouRama Dress, Delila Petite Collection & Jurai Earrings, Delila Designs Jewellery (Available Here)

Petite women like me all over the world have begun embracing their lack of height and finding way to look fantastic.Few tips  from me to make you look fantastic this coming Chinese New Year.
High Heels
For a petite women,  high heels have been staple. You can see my post about high heels Here.
Maxi out. 
Petite women just need to be careful in choosing the cut of maxi dress. Try on more fitted styles especially those with empire waistline. Go with V necks and also avoid horizontal and large patterns. 
Minimize colour wise
Colours are great. But playing too many colours into small frames isn’t always a best idea. Go with one shade of colour from tip to toe. 
High waist, small torso
Cropped jackets that fall above the waistline is yes for petite women. Trick to make your leg look longer are tuck your shirt/blouse into your pants/skirts and wear high waisted pants/skirts.
No Belt.
The great tip that all petite women need to remember is do not cutting yourself in half. So belt is not really look great on us.  

Happy Lunar New Year. 
Wishing everyone good health, prosperity & love in the Year of the Dragon!


Jan 20, 2012

When In Doubt, Do Wear Heels

If you are short like me, the Golden Rule should be Do Wear High Heels. Wearing high heels instantly add 3 to 4 inches of your height. But keep in mind anything too high will looks ridiculous on us. You need to know how to walk in them and remember to keep your back straight. When I was a student I wore a lot of flat shoes because I tend to walk a lot. I do wear flat shoes and still wearing them especially when I drive. That time I could say that flat shoes are must wear for me! I don’t drive with high heels. I tend to change into flats and change back into heels when I reached destination. With flat shoes I know what the break and clutches feels like. I am afraid if I put on heels to drive, I may mistakenly steps on the wrong things. Big Boss Mummy found it very funny & she keeps shaking her head. She said why don’t I just drive barefoot it’s easier. But it’s dirty! :P

Keep Smiling & be comfortable in high heels!

Do you know the advantage of being short? 

We will never towering our male counterpart. He will always look like a macho super hero beside us. But too bad for short people, we still have to tip toe when we want to reach items in high shelves. :( It’s alright there are a lots of Mr Nice Guys around.  So now you can wear your height with some pride and don’t worry darling, your attitude is more important than your height.


Jan 17, 2012

You Can Hide Behind The Mask but Eyes Never Lies

I think everyone can agree. Putting on a pair of sunglasses instantly will transform your look from your style & the way you feel. We never can deny that wearing sunglasses can make you feel fabulous & glamorous. It did to me! :D Sunglasses bring out different aspects of your personality. It helps to amplifying your character. However a lot of women having a problem choosing the right pair of sunglasses for their face shape.  So I want to share with you a little bit tips to pick the right sunglasses for your face & be on your way to look fabulous. 

Round faces
A round shaped face needs straight lines to counteract the curves so go for rectangular or square frames. Large sunglasses suit you or look for frames equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of the face. Avoid round frames. 

Heart shaped faces
If you a heart shape face beware of too wide sunglasses. That will make your chin pointy. The best style for this shape is the aviator.

Oval faces
Lucky you! You can pretty much wear any shape of sunglasses you like. This face shape has the most balanced proportion so it allowing you to play with different styles of sunglasses.

Triangular faces.
If you have a wide forehead & small chin, rimless sunglasses work well for you. Also try to select frames that sit comfortably on the bridge of your nose for an even balance & total comfort.

Squares faces
You look best wearing round sunglasses or curved designs. You also have the option to experimenting with unconventional designs which widens your style horizons- softer edged frames, round, oval, even cat-eyed also thinner frames. 


Jan 16, 2012

Fortunes Smiles

Lalang Earrings, Delila Designs Jewelleries.

Mutiara Earrings, Delila Designs Jewelleries.

Matahari Earrings, Delila Designs Jewelleries.

Now that Chinese New Year is coming. There's no guilt in shopping for yourself again & you know you want something sparkly for this Chinese New Year. So feel free to check out new earrings from Delila Designs Jewelleries.


Jan 13, 2012

Lovely Beautiful Things I Can't Live Without

It really got me thinking about what I really could & couldn't live without. Of course the obvious that comes to my mind being with family & friends. So I tried to think of things that would stimulate all my 5 senses – see, smell, hear, taste & touch. After a long thought, these are the things that I can’t live without:

Hot drinks 
I rarely skip this morning slice of heaven. I just love hot drinks either coffee, tea, Chai Tea, hot chocolate & Milo. They all never fail to make me feel fresh & happy. My days are definitively better when they start with a cup of hot drinks.

Music to me truly is a universal language. If we fail to understand each other, we can always understand each other through songs. Sometimes I do find a song & it is just totally me. I do it all the times. I’m sure you do as well. I listen to it on repeat for an entire day  or entire weeks until I get bored of it.

I just love and adore perfumes. I don't leave the house without wearing perfumes.Not only because of the smell but it makes me feel like a million dollars.When I’m not wearing it, I feel naked.

Having soft, comfy, crisp, clean & quiet place is heaven. There is nothing as nice as fresh sheets & pillowcase on down pillows.  I love my bed & I love my sleep. So having a gorgeous space to lay my head & unload the day stress is really important to me.It is one of life's simple pleasure.

To Do Lists
I love love love lists. I don't know why. But I have this habit where I’m always writing out lists of things I need to do, want to buy, my ideas & what I’m going to blog about. It makes me really happy especially when I get to cross things off on my To do lists.

What are your lovely beautiful things that you can’t live without?

Jan 12, 2012

A Pop of Colour

Today I feel like writing a short post for men style. Let’s talk about patterns for men. Not like women, we do have a lot of options when it comes to clothes, pattern and colours. Men are a bit boring with their clothing. They tend to wear the same style for the rest of their life. What can I say, sorry man! Women are lucky when it come to fashion :D

I have seen a lot of men with stripes shirt. Yes it is a very classic pattern for men. In fact they seem to visualise slimming affect and it suit everyone. But be careful with horizontal stripes, it emphasis people’s width. If you are not slim so better don’t. I think now a day men need to become a bit bolder with their shirts. They need to wear something that makes them stand out from the crowd. Men need to make colour as their best friend. Choose other than common colours such as white, gray and black. Men need to start make themselves comfortable with bright colours and different pattern of shirt.
For Gentleman. I hope there is something in here that helps you out or simply just make you happy because there is a girl that cares about what colour is your shirt. So this year start pop the colour!

Jan 11, 2012

Jewellery in Decor

Leaf Earrings, Delila Designs Jewellery.

Shinning Marine Earrings, Delila Designs Jewellery.

So ladies are you ready to have a late night shopping at the comfort in your home, feel free to shop at Delila Designs Jewelleries. For gentlemen, you have no idea what to get your love one. It’s simple just check out  Delila Designs Jewelleries. Happy Shopping! Feel free to check out the official website of Delila Designs to see more.


Jan 10, 2012

Inspire & Create

To me inspiration is everywhere. Inspiration comes when I am actually starting to design and create.  Throughout the process, I will be inspired by people, my surrounding and things around me. I believe this is the result when my soul, passion and mind are into the things that I’m doing. Making and designing jewellery or dresses are really fun. Plus I end up with something I never expect. I myself actually feel surprise when I look at my final creation. This is one of the things that I always want to do since I was a kid. The time when I have no idea what is fashion or even how to spell the word of fashion. All I know is making Barbie doll dress is so much fun then watching cartoon!


Jan 9, 2012

Don't follow trends. Just go with your emotions.

These (above) are my top 5 favourite of Delila Petite Collection 2011.

Unlike fashion, style isn't about having something new & different every single day. To me style is about finding what I love and what suits me inside and out.  Style is individuality. Style starts with being comfortable in my own skin. Figuring out what I like, what look good on me & wear it. It is never about competition with anyone else or keeping up latest trends. Ohhh darling...That’s not style, that’s following fashion. I am not going to deny that fashion is important but I think the way you live counts for more.  Style is like a form of self expression. I feel that through style I am able to express my real self. I believe what I wear always tell a story of who I am.

While I am looking at my past posts in this blog. It was interesting to notice evolutions in both my personal style & in blogging style. I realize that besides my hair getting longer. A lot has changed in the past few months. In a way it feels like I’ve come into my own. It feels incredibly wonderful & rewarding. The more I stay, the more I discover about myself. Blogging opened door to me, gave me spirits that I cherish forever & give me opportunity to brighten up my day.  I can’t wait what 2012 chapters will brings to my life. I can't help but just being excited about the future. 


Jan 8, 2012

A Classic Wardrobe Worn by a Girl.

Wearing : Perak Viscose Dress, Delila Petite Collection.  White Rice Earrings, Delila Designs Jewellery (Available Here). Pearls Bracelets, Delila Designs Jewellery.

Finding the right outfit is only half of the story. The hardest part is finding the right accessories to compliment what you are wearing. The accessories that you combine them with can really bring a glow in your look.  The sleek and modern jewellery is always an ideal solution.So I decide to designs jewellery that offers unique and individuality. My designs speak of style & sophistication whilst remaining distinctly affordable. The unique look of Delila Designs Jewellery will make you look interesting. It brings out individuality of your style. 


Jan 5, 2012

Delila Jewellery Collection is Available Online.

I am very excited to announce my new batch of Delila Designs Jewellery. The great news! - these gorgeous & affordable earrings are available online. So ladies, late night shopping tonight but best  things is you can do it in your own home with Delila Designs.(Click here) -Love Delila

Gold Samurai Earrings, Delila Designs.

Buttercup Earrings, Delila Designs.

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Mawar Earrings, Delila Designs.

Jan 3, 2012

Let Give Smiles Away Like a Flower.

When I was a kid, my mum keeps telling me to smile. That time I didn’t understand the power of smiling. Too often I underestimated the power of smile. I frown and I make faces every time she told me to smile.  Ohh darling! Smiling is not an easy job for me, my lips crooked because of my heavy cheek...yeah I was a chubby kid. But today I am grateful that she did ask me to do that. Practice makes perfect.  This is the value that I will cherish forever.  I think everyone should carry a smile inside their heart. Smile that comes from heart make people melts like butter in a heated pan. So we could all smile at the end of the day and be thankful that God has given us another day to live. To be closer to our dreams, to hold our love one tighter and appreciate the people around us.

So Darling keep smiling! Life is wonderful and there are a million of reasons to smile about.