Jun 12, 2012

Arabian Land

#Delila Happiness Project 2012 (5)

There’s nothing I love more than exploring new countries, meeting new people & learning new culture.

When I was  in Arab Saudi, women have, needed or must wear hijab (especially in Jeddah, Makah & Medina).  So few pictures below you could see the style of me wearing hijab .

I got to say it was a nice experience wearing them. There was a time when i was there I forgot to wear, just because i'm not used to it. The best thing when I wore the hijab, it was like a care free day where I don't have to think about my hair look when the wind blow or the hustle to comb my hair, washing it every day & blow dry it. But being me, I also enjoy not wearing them. 



I wore JapangKimono Baju Kurung, Delila Petite Collection. 
All the scarf that I wore belong to my mum's wardrobe. 

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