Sep 30, 2012


The lovely combination of a steaming cup of coffee and a blank piece of paper are what I absolutely live for. 

Dear Almighty God! 

I’m grateful & bless for all the wonderful things around me.
I'm grateful being surrounded with people who love me as who I am – the good friends, family & lovely pet.

I’m grateful to meet many interesting people that cherish my existence as a human being.
I’m grateful for the health that you given me & the body that finely function.
 I’m grateful for my creative talent & my skills to create, to sew, to make & turning the fabric into clothes. For all that I’m incredibly grateful.
I’m grateful for the kindness that been shown to me by others not only by my family & friends but also someone who just know me. I’m blessing with all the loves that surround me.

Thanks you God!


Sprinkles some magic! 
I wore Dude the Lady Cropped Jacket (Peach colour) 
Kecik Pop Purple Dress, Delila Designs

Sep 28, 2012

Dressing Routine

Sick of feminine chick, 
so I go all the Dude Military Style. 
I'm welcoming streamline jacket into my wardrobe!

 Mix & Match Dude the Lady Cropped Jacket, 
Delila Designs with Socity Dress, Delila Petite Collection here


My dressing routine every morning is pretty simple.
Lay out the clothes that I’m going to wear on the bed. 
Mix match with accessories & I’m ready to go! ;)

p/s : Soon I'll update you guys the inspiration behind this cropped jacket, how I come out with the name Dude the Lady & behind the story of my cropped jacket.


Sep 27, 2012

Collars Make You Look Sharp

Say Hello! 
to my new creation of Dude the Lady Cropped Jacket.

I feel sharp & smart whenever I was wearing jacket.
I wore Dude the Lady Cropped Jacket, 
Delila Designs

Sep 25, 2012

I Read, I Display My Books..

One of my goals in life is to one day write a book, but I don’t think I’m ready just yet. Perhaps I will get around to it one of these days, if I could just figure out what to write about. Until then, I’m engrossing myself in loads of good books. Everything needs a place including my books. So I rearranging little corner in my room for my books. I make it a point to make them feel welcome into my life. However I have more of books in other room. My love to you not any less babies, blame this tiny racks.




I put few of my drawing in the frame to make the decor more streamline. I'm the brand of my life, so all my creative energy will be display as a source of inspiration.


Oh hello Lady Coco! She guard me while I'm reading.


"All the books we own, both read and unread, are the fullest expression of self we have at our disposal... With each passing year, and with each whimsical purchase, our libraries become more and more able to articulate who we are, whether we read the books or not." 
-- Nick Hornby, The Polysyllabic Spree


Sep 24, 2012


Petite Collection, Delila Designs

The reason why I made & design my own clothes?
  • To get the perfect fit for myself. Whether you are tall or short, skinny or slightly big we all has trouble finding clothes that fit perfectly.
  • A chance to enhance my individual style. I could create something unique that allows me to express my individual style & personality.
  • Inspiration. I want to inspire people through the sharing of ideas, creativity & sense of style based on what I wear & experience.


Sep 23, 2012

JB Writers & Readers Festival 2012

Hi Lovelies!
  Hello...hello weekend again!' 
 I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as much as I do.

Last Sunday during Malaysia's Day  Weekend, I headed over to Bukit Timbalan for JB Writers & Readers Festival to check out books written by independent authors/ Indie writers. I’ve always been a fan of books & it been a long time I didn’t read any of Malay books/novel. I used to love reading novels by A. Samad Said & Arena Wati.  Then when I started  college & university, I’m more obsess  with English reading materials, I guess it because it's much more socially acceptable  & I'm expose to that.



However last few months, when my cousin, Hadifah (Her blog post about JBWRF here)  introduced me with these two local indie books which were FreeCabi written by FikriKacak & Paus Gagal written by Tok Rimau.  I just felt in love reading Malay books again.  

When I start reading these indie books, I keep saying to myself ‘Oh my goodness, these guys are amazing. It was something different yet entertaining.’ I read them just within an hour. Both of the books are full of  sense of humour & surprisingly it is very interesting to read ( u won't get me darling!). I recommend u guys to read it too. ;)  So feel free to Purchase Online MoquePress

Then from there, I started looking for books wrote by independent author. By now I did read few books by indie writers such as Awak Part 1 & 2 by FikriKacak, Gasak which is a collection of short stories from few indie writers & Zine Skandal



credit to this particular photo taken by @pertdoherty
I could say that I’m proud of these bunches of Independent authors. They are brilliant! To me people who can write are like people who can do maths you either can or you can’t, as simple as that.

Here's a little video by Syed Syahrul.  
P/s You could spot me there. ;-P

I think all readers and writers can agree that JB readers & writers’ festivals this year was fantastic. So, what’s your favourite indie books and why? Feel free to share with me. 


Sep 22, 2012

Now I'm Listening To

I heard this song while I was driving yesterday. Since that I was hook by this song & I lost count how many times I play it. It’s very nice to have playing it  over the weekend or in the morning while lounge/ bergolek-ing  on the bed and having a cup of coffee. I think this is the song that never fails to uplift my mood right now.

Happy Weekend Guys! 
Go! Have a lovely one.

I like every words of this song. So check it out guys! :-D

Wake up if you believe
Love is not a fading dream
Tell me I'm not the only one
Who feels this way right now

Lonely needs a friend
Ask him where he's been
You could be the Light that comes
And turns his world around

I don't wanna run, I don't wanna hide
When someone needs somebody
I don't wanna say, I don't got the time
When someone needs somebody
With a little faith and a little soul
We can't go wrong
We can't go wrong

When a heart breaks
And the world shakes
Will we stand for the vision of love?
When a tear falls
And the fear calls
Will we stand for the vision of love?
Will we stand for the vision of love?


Make-up hides her face
Cuz she feels out of place
She cries
Come on someone tell this girl she's beautiful

We don't gotta run, we don't gotta hide
When someone needs somebody
We don't need to say, we don't got the time
When someone needs somebody
With a little faith and a little soul
We can't go wrong
We can't go wrong

When a heart breaks
And the world shakes
Will we stand for the vision of love?
When a tear falls
And the fear calls
Will we stand for the vision of love?
Will we stand for the vision of love?

Let's stand up
Let's stand
Let's stand for the vision
Stand for the vision of love

Wake up
Wake up
Wake up if you believe

When a heart breaks
And the world shakes
Will we stand for the vision of love?
Will we stand for the vision of love?

Sep 21, 2012

OldSchool Style


I'm rocking this style again today, Call me Ah Moi, i think my half Chinese blood is kicking me! ;-p


My hair is getting longer so I decide to French braid my hair today. I just love the braid & wished I know how to french braid myself. My mom used to braid my hair like this when I was a kid.To me no matter how old you are braids are fantastic accessories.  It never fail to make you look chic, prim & proper, I could say so Blair Waldorf style. Bare with me my reader of my addiction to Gossip Girl.

You know you love me. ;-)

Sep 18, 2012

Nice Places to Have Coffee in JB

When we talk about coffee, the first thing that comes to my mind are Coffee Bean & Starbucks.  However  there has a huge variety of other coffee shops too. I loved visiting cafe. Recently I went to few cafes along Jalan Dhoby & around JB town. We did spend hours wondering over the road of beautiful shop houses looking for cafe that we could pop in. I didn't even know lot of cafe existed here.

At Roost Juice Bar, Jalan Dhoby
If you like to know more here
Serving drinks in buckets..emmm not really my taste. To me it's not hygiene. ;-(


Old Shop houses along the road.
 I have a thing for old shop houses. 
Read here


That's Cafe, a cozy place to hang out with friends.



Sometimes Ice Cappuccino serve in tall glass is all you need to make you feel better



'I'd much rather hang out in a cafe. That's where things are really happening' 
Joe Sacco 


Sep 15, 2012

Think in the morning & Sleep in the night.


Morning & night are my favourite’s time. That means a lot of pyjama times. I love to see my wake up sleepy face. It’s when I could see my personality, my natural beauty & my true colour. I like happy morning & happy mood when I go to sleep.  Magazines & books never fail to accompany me during this time.


Sing a Song

I discovered I love the song of Live Your Life by Yuna. Although I have heard great thing about her voice but I hadn’t taken the time to listen to her songs. Last few days I had a chance to really listen to her song & voice. Her songs are truly captivated me!  I think I probably listened to this particular song Live Your Life, 50 times in the last 5 days. She is a Malaysian singer that base in New York, Proud of you girl!


Find your light
Don’t hide from what you are
And rise before you fall
And hope for something more
Live if you really want to
All my life I’ve been looking for something amazing
It’s almost like I’ve been stargazing
The sky is right above me
We were meant for something bigger than this
Don’t ever try to dismiss yourself cause you don’t have to

All my life my dreams just seemed so far away
And now it’s like they’re here to stay
I hold it close to me
We were meant for something bigger than this
Don’t ever try to dismiss yourself cause you don’t have to

(Chorus) x2


Sep 14, 2012

I Guess Coco is Getting Better

I’m sorry posting has been light these days in my blog. Coco was sick since last week with infection on her right eyes. I was busy taking care of her with few works on my plates. However now she’s getting better & I pity her that she hasn’t feeling like herself much lately. Most of the times she was asleep & she didn’t go out to play. I miss the happy chappy’s Coco.

Kitty kisses & licks to Coco. :-*




Sep 13, 2012

Ohh gowdd, It's Morning!

Sleeping late, waking up early, obviously I need some pick-me-ups in the morning. A nice cup of coffee in the morning to pick me up. 


My obssession of coffee here & here

Sep 6, 2012

Raya In Style~ A Trip to Kampung Part 2

Around the beach area. 
Pengerang's Small Town

P1050957 P1050909

Used to be Japanese fortification. 

At the small town.
Coconut trees, how much I love them. 

Oh la la...There's even a bunny celebrating raya with us, crazieee!
Holding my cousin's new born baby girl. Can you see that she was smiling when i hold her.

Coincidentally match matchy with my cousin. I guess We are cooler that you cos we wear purple! B-) I was wearing PurpleKiss Baju Kurung

Went back to my dad's kampung & goodness gracious, it really did feel good. 
Feel Free to check out Part 1 here

Sep 5, 2012

Raya In Style~A Trip to Kampung Part 1

I went back to my dad’s hometown on the 2nd Raya.
It's such a beautiful place surrounded with nature and I had a wonderful time. 




Hello Pengerang! 
It had been a long time.


Sep 4, 2012

Pop The Cake From The Oven

Last week I got an ideal time for experimenting my baking skills in the kitchen. I couldn't have been happier with the results. It was everything I hope for in my Banana Raisin Cake. It was eatable (that was what I keep praying),  moist and just right but it's a bit sweet (hello! I guess I'm a sweet girl...).




To make this easy peasy Banana Raisin Cake, you'll need. 
Mash bananas, Sugar, Gardenia Raisin Bread & Milk