Jun 18, 2012

Cluttering Man Wardrobe.


Hello Gentleman out there!

You want to build up a wardrobe that won’t go out of style. First forget about all the clothes you have or the clothes you want, you need to understand the basic. These are the only essential items that every man must have to live a comfortable, well-dressed life, trust me it is a long term investment and stocking your closet with your essential pieces can save your time & energy. 
  1. White dress t shirt. It gives you instant dress up appearance & it matches well with anything.  Make sure you choose fabric such as 100% cotton & Linen.
  2. Navy blue coat/blazer. It can be worn in variety occasion from formal to just hanging out with friends at party. It also can work with jeans & a polo
  3. Black dress shoes. For any occasion that need some formality.
  4. Dark jeans. A staple for men. It can be worn at a nice restaurant & almost everywhere. I recommend you to avoid baggy or skinny jeans and please stay away from trends it might look cool now but it won’t be in few years
  5. Sneaker. For casual look.
  6. V neck sweater. Look great with polo/t-shirt.
  7. Watch. I realize that these days’ guys use their cell phone to tell time. To me when men have a classic timeless rock on their wrist, nothing better to reflect their charismatic personality look. So try to choose a quality, masculine & classic watch that you feel comfortable wearing.
  8. Polo Shirts-.Another items that look well in many situation. Are great when you stay in tropical country like Malaysia or during summer period.
  9. Pajamas & a swimsuit.
  10. Don't forget you need good quality undershirts & underwear.
To Gentleman, I hope there is something in here that helps you to start building up your wardrobe or simply just make you happy because there is a girl that wants to see your big smile when you getting ready! :-)


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