Apr 13, 2012

Dear My Beautiful Life



Dear high heels,
I couldn’t believe I’m so used to you. Thanks for the extra inches.
Dear bed time story,
I love you. Thanks for entertaining me before I sleep.
Dear men all over the world,
Can you please treat women nicely & be gentleman? I really appreciate it & thank you in advance.
Dear reader,
Thanks for being kind to me. Even the simple act of visiting & clicking the post means so much to me.
Dear handbag,
Thank you for carrying all my stuffs & never make a big deal of it. I love you.
Dear body,
Thanks for not getting sick often. I promise I will take good care of you. You know that I don’t like exercising but I will try my best to eat healthy.  Let me repeat like a mantra ‘Veggie & water are my best friends.’
Dear rain,
You are great but when I can be inside with no plan.
Dear air-conditioner,
Thank you for making me sleeps like a baby.
Dear Exercise,
I know that I need to make you my buddy. But whenever I did, I pulled muscles in my leg & my thigh started aching. It shows that exercise is unhealthy for me.
Dear pimple,
Please stop popping on my face.
Dear my one & only brother,
It shows that blood is thicker than water. You know how much I love you.
Dear dress,
Thanks for making me feels pretty whenever I’m with you.
Dear love,
I believe the power of you.
Dear positives vibes,
Can you please visit me often? Please! Please... I really like you.
Dear God,
Thanks for everything. I believe that you know what the bests are for me. Yes I am the naughty one, but I love you sooo much & I believe in you.
Dear Chocolate,
Do you know that I can eat you every single day?
Dear bedroom,
You are my favourite place in my house.
Dear morning,
I like to wake up to sunshine & chirping birds.
Dear cereal,
I like to eat you just like that without milk. I miss chocolate chip Weetabix.
Dear my cat's Coco,
I never really like cat until I have you.
Dear future husband,
I know you are exactly what I always want & dream. I know that you will love me, pamper me & take good care of me greater that daddy does.
Dear ladies,
It is so much fun to be us.
Dear To Do Lists,
I like crossing things on you.
Dear Present & Future,
I can feel that you will be amazing & you will put a lot of smiles on my face. :D
Dear past,
Dear Traffic jam,
You make me nervous.
Dear people who hate me,
I have no idea why? But I’m turning your hate into motivation. Your hate for me brought out the great in me.
Dear people who like me,
From the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate for the like & thank you. At least I know there is something in me to be like & you definitely bring a smile on my face. But don't hope & expect too much.
Dear my car,
I know I'm not a good driver but I am starting to love you. Can we please work together to make this work?


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