Feb 24, 2012

Quick Tips for Women to Become Stylish

How to become stylish? First you need to know what being stylish does mean. A stylish person is not a fanatic follower of fashion. Style is more associated with individuality. It helps to reveal a person’s character, mood & even dreams. You can read my previous post Here what i think about style & fashion. A stylish women is the one that choose clothes which ideally fit her rather than following what in the fashion trend. Stylish person knows their own body & how to dress it. Here are my few quick tips to be stylish.
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  • A good pair of jeans goes for comfort.  It is important to try them on before you buy. If going for skinny jeans get stretchy ones. If you have curvy hips go for low boot cut jeans to show them off. If you need a little more room for thighs and calves go for a relaxed fit, or for the bum go for low waist, low pockets and balance things out with flared ankles.
  • A white blouse is versatile and feminine
  • When it comes to evening dress think of the whole outfit before you purchase. Make sure you have shoes and jewellery to match, maybe get a versatile dress that can be dressed down for occasions too.
  • Basic Black Dress .The basic black dress has been around for a long time. It is often called the "Little Black Dress". I always go for shorter skirts on the basic black dress, that hit  in the right place, can be more flattering than a long black dress.
  • Most importantly, the correct underwear. Start with a good foundation and the rest of the outfit will follow. Go and get yourself measured if you are not sure.
  • Less is more
  • Don't wear bold colours, metallic, animal print and retro glamour all at once.
  • Pick one style per outfit and don't go overboard, often one or two accessories will look fabulous with a simple outfit.
  • Have at least one pearl jewellery (a pair of studs, dangling earrings, or a single-strand pearl necklace) for everyday use. It is not as expensive as diamonds, but it can still exude understated elegance.
  • High heels are a necessity for women.
  • Instead of getting cheaper pairs of shoes, invest in a sturdy, classic pair of black leather pumps. The heels should be at least two and a half inches high. For those who feel uncomfortable with pumps, get a pair of platform shoes.
  • Day make up is lighter than evening and summer is lighter and more sun kissed than winter which is darker and matte.
  • Finally, this is the most important rule among all with regards to style. Don’t wear what you don’t like, in any given occasion if you’re not feeling good on an outfit just don’t wear it. The main reason of fashion is to make you look great and of course to make you feel comfortable.



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