Jan 9, 2012

Don't follow trends. Just go with your emotions.

These (above) are my top 5 favourite of Delila Petite Collection 2011.

Unlike fashion, style isn't about having something new & different every single day. To me style is about finding what I love and what suits me inside and out.  Style is individuality. Style starts with being comfortable in my own skin. Figuring out what I like, what look good on me & wear it. It is never about competition with anyone else or keeping up latest trends. Ohhh darling...That’s not style, that’s following fashion. I am not going to deny that fashion is important but I think the way you live counts for more.  Style is like a form of self expression. I feel that through style I am able to express my real self. I believe what I wear always tell a story of who I am.

While I am looking at my past posts in this blog. It was interesting to notice evolutions in both my personal style & in blogging style. I realize that besides my hair getting longer. A lot has changed in the past few months. In a way it feels like I’ve come into my own. It feels incredibly wonderful & rewarding. The more I stay, the more I discover about myself. Blogging opened door to me, gave me spirits that I cherish forever & give me opportunity to brighten up my day.  I can’t wait what 2012 chapters will brings to my life. I can't help but just being excited about the future. 


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