Feb 7, 2012

A Dress Story

Problem! I find the perfect piece of dress but it was built for tall people. This is a normal situation for me. So I keep telling myself ‘Please do not panic Delila!.’ It always happens to me. I am assuming other short woman like me is facing the same problem too. In that case we are not so lucky when it comes to find clothing for ourselves. ‘Like I said ‘Do not panic darling!’. We do have choice now but we just need to spend more time. (Isn't that cool! We can use shopping as excuses for us the la petite women to spend a quality me time. :P)
For me I will find dresses that really fit well but are still comfortable. I make sure if I want to buy a short dress either it is shorter than knee length (above the knee) or the line skirts just sit nicely below my knee. I do wear long skirts or long dress but the ‘Must Remember Rule’ is paired it up with heels. All of these will help me to create the illusion of length. To make me look taller. 
I do wear jeans. I found that jeans aren’t particularly attractive on us. Only girls who can get away with wearing them are tall girls. Frankly speaking low-rise jeans are not welcomed at all. Now a day, I don’t really into them. I advice petite women if you really feel like wearing pants. Go for high waisted pant or short pants. I do wear legging with a roomy top. Just make sure it sit nicely on you and the top not to baggy for you. 
Just remember the main magic mantra for petites is Whatever you wear, wear with confidence and smile!

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