Feb 11, 2012

Fabric & Texture Make Up the Character

Choosing a right fabric is actually one of the important aspect.  If you look carefully you’re surrounded by it, from the moment you dress in the morning to the time you rest your head on your pillow at night. How much do we know about fabric?

Silk. As we all know silk is comfortable to wear, soft and cool the body. Silk is a luxury fabric that has smooth feel and light shine. I found that when you wear dress that made from silk, it actually sit nicely on you. But it is expensive and high maintenance. Usually silk need to dry clean and now a day there are few new silks that can hand washed. I think this fabric is meant for female. It enhances the femininity and it looks elegant on women.

Cotton. Cotton fabric is the staples fabric types. It is comfortable, flexible, lightweight and affordable. They use this cotton fabric most for men’s dress shirts. I think it because the material is easy to maintain. When we talk of protection, cotton fabrics are there to offer that. When we talk of comfort, cotton materials are totally incomparable. It suits an easy going person who likes to kick back, relax and feel good.

Linen. What can I say about linen? Because it is expensive, it is famous among certain people. It wrinkle easily and ironing linen is a great deal of work. But it can cool your body and like cotton it breathes. The quality has made it popular in hot climates. These fabrics need high maintenance. Linen should be hung in a closet, rather than folded away in a drawer. The reason is because linen fabric can break if folded in the same place too often.

Personally, I always choose dress that made from cotton for every day wear and silk when there is a special occasion. There are few of my dress that is made from mix fabric like cotton with polyester, rayon and nylon. I don’t really know about man-made fabric. So I can’t say much about it. But from my experience when I wear man-made fabric, I can feel that it is not as comfortable as natural fabric. I think it is because it doesn't breathe which means it retain body heat.

I hope there is something in here that helps you out. I love little details; I believe that details make the difference in everything we do.


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