Feb 1, 2012

Receive Delila Designs in Style

Here are some pictures of Delila Designs Jewelleries Packaging. I wanted to come up with a packaging that is simple, nice & sustainable for my customer. Therefore each item of Delila Designs Jewelleries will be packaged in an exclusive Delila Designs pouch bag (available in different colours & materials). The best thing is that you can still use this pouch long after you receive my products . All items are carefully packed in the White Eco friendly cardboard boxes.  I refuse to use any plastic bags & aim to use the environmental friendly packaging materials for Delila Designs products. This is because I believe that Delila Designs is committed to the responsible sourcing not only of the jewellery, but also of the bags and boxes in which it is presented to my customer. I hope you enjoy it!

So feel free to shop at Shop Delila Designs.


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