Aug 2, 2012

Review : 20 by Rizalman Ibrahim by Tesco

If you read my blog last few weeks, I did post on my blog

When I knew that there will be Raya Collection by Rizalman Ibrahim for Tesco.
Oh dear! I literally was so excited about it.
*happy Macarena dance*

 I’m officially his fan & he is my idol. I think he is a super talented designer. 

So the first week it been launched I went to Tesco Tebrau (JB). I wanted to see I wanted to buy pieces by Rizalman Ibrahim. I’m quite surprised because at that time few rack were already empty & there were only 4 designs of Rizalman Ibrahim Baju Kurung left. 
* Oh, what a hit!*



So I did try few pieces.

But when I tried them,  honestly I am  quite disappointed. They were not as WOW or beautiful as I thought it will be from what I saw through photos on newspaper, YouTube & his blog.

First of all, I wouldn’t think twice to buy it when I look at the fabric. I’m quite disappointed with the fabric itself because it made from jersey. I wonder why Rizalman choose Jersey fabric. To me, it made the collection look cheap plus with the low quality printed on the fabric, the lace & the plastic beading.  

I won’t deny the collection itself just focus on slim, slander & tall women.
 No way I’m close to that. Although I did try Size S but none of it fit me comfortably. This is not a big problem to me because I could alter the baju kurung to make it fit perfectly according to my body. However i don't like  the horizontal patterns on some of the designs because it will make me look shorter & contrasting patterns/colour of the baju kurung’s top & bottom will draw more attention to the fact that I'm short. If you are Miss Shorty like me, read Petite Women Style for some tips what to wear & not to wear. 


So at the end I didn’t buy any of his collection cos I don’t think I would burn my money just for the label. No worries, one day I'll get him to custom made my dress (A girl can dream~~). 
Rizalman Ibrahim no matter what, you are still my idol! 

*headed home with a pumpkin face (-___-)*


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