Aug 27, 2012

We drove to the north & I was tired of travelling! {Part 4}

Home! Home! Home!
I wanted to go home! 
That was the only thing in my mind on our last day.

 I did everything that I could to enjoy myself, I have no idea what else to do & I’m pretty bored ;-(
 Plus I needed to go home before I turn into a POTATO by eating too much. ;-p

emm..arrr....i even bored of taking photo... 
Enough is enough! 


So far the trip has been great & I’m home now! *victory dance*
Oh it’s bliss!  
Home is where the heart is & to me it's time I went back.
 If home is where the heart is, 
then I could say that my homes are my parents & grandparents house.

'Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.'
Robert Frost


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