Aug 7, 2012

Tickle My Cooking Skills

Goreng Pisang! Goreng Pisang! 
also known as Fried Bananas
Ohhhh Malaysian people loveee this. :) 


Do I look like someone on an apple when I’m hungry? Big NO! I go straight for potato chips & chocolates. But this time I decide to make fried bananas. Well, it's a time to tickle my cooking skills.

This is simple as making pancakes *extra points for me*. Look how yummy the fried bananas that I made...;-D

If you fancy making it, you'll need: 
  • First slice up the bananas. 
  • Combine flour, eggs, salt, sugar & add some water. Whisk vigorously until batter is evenly smooth.
  • Then dip bananas into batter & fry in oil until they turning golden brown
  • Lastly eat it with sugar or nutella my style.



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