Aug 26, 2012

We drove to the north & wonder what to eat {Part 3}

I found delicious places to eat in Ipoh. If you ever in Ipoh go to

Ipoh Hainan Chicken Rice that located in Greentown Suria
  Restoran Simpang Tiga that located in Greentown Square 

Nasi Vaggey aka Nasi Ganja that located around Greentown. 

Hell yeah! They make yummy excellent chicken rice, nasi padang & nasi kandar that will definitely put a big smiley face on you.


Hainan Roast Chicken
the tenderness of the roast chicken..yummy!

Beancurd in Oyster Sauce
This taufu bean curd is my most favorite.  If you have a chance to go here, it will be very lovely to take away this for me...

Fried paru (lung)! *big eyes*
Bergedil, Tempe Kacang, & a Clean Environment for Dining
I like the bergedil. It's a potato patty with minced meat. 
Nasi Ganja or Marijuana Rice.
A plate of curry rice(nasi kandar) is sooo addictive among Ipoh people.
I guess they don't call ganja rice without a reason darling!

There were so many places more to eat in Ipoh. Oh man! I wish I do have plenty of time there to try each & everything.
For those who going to Ipoh, don't forget to visit the places that I did recommend.

I'm sure you will leave the restaurant burping like a king! ;-D


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