Sep 2, 2012

Life According To Me

I made time to participate in a random questionnaire games’ today. It’s fun! 
So lovelies enjoy reading! 

1.  Where is your cell phone: On my dressing table or on my bed...somewhere in my room.

2. Your hair: Loose & straight

3. Your mother: Great Mama’s Bear!  She is a lovely person, always by my side & good listener.She is like a sister that I never have & I really really love my mum! Here

4. Your father: Awesome Papa’s Bear! Let say I lost in the middle of nowhere, he is the first person I want to call because he is my all time superhero! Love you dad! Here

5. Your favourite food: You Name it & I’ll answer Yes/No!  he he he....

6. Your dream from last night: I guess...good one! But if you ask what…I can’t recall. :)

7. Your favourite drink: Delicious cup of COFFEE,here Crap! Coffee is not water who says???  Plus Coke, Hazelnut Latte & I just discover melon drink....emmm...think I’m in

8. Your dream/goal: shfff it’s a Secret! Ha ha ha Bweek! Not telling you!

9. What room are you in: In my little studio.

10. What is your hobby: A lot! To me hobby is what I enjoy doing.

11. What is your fear: two faced people & liar! They are creepy people... :-(

12. Where were you last night: Why you want to know?? :-P

13. Something you are not: A runner. I don’t do running. I walk! :D

14. Muffins: Blueberry muffin is my fav woot! woot!

15. Wish list items: Own a boutique & have my own clothing line.* I want! I want!*

16. Where did you grow up: JB, Malaysia. So hello to this JB girl!*proud of it*

17. Last thing you did: Sniffing my cat coco! She’s sick now. She has infection on her eyes. Bless this little flurry

18. What are you wearing: Still on my fabulous PJ. Damn..! Well it’s Sunday..

19. Your TV: I don’t really into the idiot box. My TV is YouTube

20. Your pets: My cat, COCO…the adorable little C that always makes my heart flattered.

21. Your friends: Always in my heart although they are far away from me.

22. Your life: One step at a time & appreciate every moment!

23. Your mood: I’m tummy starting to make this rock & roll sounds like this Feed me! Feed Me!

24. Missing someone: oh YES!

25. Vehicle: Four wheel drive!

26. Something you’re not wearing: Now…make up

27. Your favourite store: emmm...A lot! Every store is my fav… :) here

28. Your favourite colour: Of course purple…..But keep in mind I don’t do everything purple. In reality I more to white, silver & peach colours.

29. When’s the last time you laughed: Last night before I went to bed...I guess someone know why?

30. When’s the last time you cried: somewhere this week…can’t remember when...

31. Your best friend: I can give you clues...A girl & a boy

32. One place you go over and over: My blogs & Glamourai blog…damn I’m addicted with her blog.

33. One person who emails me regularly: Some advertisement crap...

34. Favourite place to eat:  wink wink!

35. Where do you want to be in 6 years: In a place where I can live my dream & achieve my goal with a man, who loves, care & appreciate me.  Plus surrounded by papa bear, mama bear & Brother bear! :-)


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! i leave you with these photos of Coco & bunch of Magazines that I bought. That's how I'll spend my Sunday


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