Sep 23, 2012

JB Writers & Readers Festival 2012

Hi Lovelies!
  Hello...hello weekend again!' 
 I hope you guys enjoyed your weekend as much as I do.

Last Sunday during Malaysia's Day  Weekend, I headed over to Bukit Timbalan for JB Writers & Readers Festival to check out books written by independent authors/ Indie writers. I’ve always been a fan of books & it been a long time I didn’t read any of Malay books/novel. I used to love reading novels by A. Samad Said & Arena Wati.  Then when I started  college & university, I’m more obsess  with English reading materials, I guess it because it's much more socially acceptable  & I'm expose to that.



However last few months, when my cousin, Hadifah (Her blog post about JBWRF here)  introduced me with these two local indie books which were FreeCabi written by FikriKacak & Paus Gagal written by Tok Rimau.  I just felt in love reading Malay books again.  

When I start reading these indie books, I keep saying to myself ‘Oh my goodness, these guys are amazing. It was something different yet entertaining.’ I read them just within an hour. Both of the books are full of  sense of humour & surprisingly it is very interesting to read ( u won't get me darling!). I recommend u guys to read it too. ;)  So feel free to Purchase Online MoquePress

Then from there, I started looking for books wrote by independent author. By now I did read few books by indie writers such as Awak Part 1 & 2 by FikriKacak, Gasak which is a collection of short stories from few indie writers & Zine Skandal



credit to this particular photo taken by @pertdoherty
I could say that I’m proud of these bunches of Independent authors. They are brilliant! To me people who can write are like people who can do maths you either can or you can’t, as simple as that.

Here's a little video by Syed Syahrul.  
P/s You could spot me there. ;-P

I think all readers and writers can agree that JB readers & writers’ festivals this year was fantastic. So, what’s your favourite indie books and why? Feel free to share with me. 


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