Sep 30, 2012


The lovely combination of a steaming cup of coffee and a blank piece of paper are what I absolutely live for. 

Dear Almighty God! 

I’m grateful & bless for all the wonderful things around me.
I'm grateful being surrounded with people who love me as who I am – the good friends, family & lovely pet.

I’m grateful to meet many interesting people that cherish my existence as a human being.
I’m grateful for the health that you given me & the body that finely function.
 I’m grateful for my creative talent & my skills to create, to sew, to make & turning the fabric into clothes. For all that I’m incredibly grateful.
I’m grateful for the kindness that been shown to me by others not only by my family & friends but also someone who just know me. I’m blessing with all the loves that surround me.

Thanks you God!


Sprinkles some magic! 
I wore Dude the Lady Cropped Jacket (Peach colour) 
Kecik Pop Purple Dress, Delila Designs

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