Mar 26, 2012

Quick Fashion Tips for Men

  1. Do not wear socks with sandals. Sandals are to be worn in summer when the temperatures are high. Socks not require.
  2. Try before you buy. Then you will know what suits you and what not.
  3. Invest in good suit. Suit is important for any types of men.
  4. Do spice up your outfit with a little colour.
  5. Don’t ignore your skins. Don’t take facial care for granted.
  6. Don’t wear funny T-Shirts. T-shirts with funny messages on them look ridiculous.
  7. Don’t wear dark brown & black. The contrast is terrible.
  8. Invest in superb pair of shoes. A good pair of shoes can last you a long time. Think of them as an investment. Trust me, one things that women will notice, it’s your shoes.
  9. Don’t unbutton your shirt too much.
  10. Always iron your clothes.
  11. Do mix formal with casual.
  12. Get a great haircut.
  13. Make sure everything fits impeccably. Most males wear clothes that are too large or sometimes too small.
  14. Shave that face. Make sure your beard is trimmed, the bald heads is in fact bold and the nails are short & clean.
  15. Big No, NO! To fashion Tees with logos, you look like a walking billboard. Coca Cola shirt/McDonald Shirts.
  16. An undershirt is an undershirt. It is to be worn underneath your dress shirt.
  17. It is always better to be a little bit overdressed than under dressed in a situation. All you have to do is think about where you want to go and who you are going to be.
  18. Watches are the single most important accessory a man can own. Invest in one good watch that suits your lifestyle and taste.
  19. Start from scratch. Invest in good tailored blazer, jeans & dress t-shirts.
  20. Last but not least, take a women shopping with you. We will definitely help you to find some wonderful pieces. :)

To gentlemen out there, if you are in your 20’s try to experiment with new style. This maybe the only chance you’ll ever have in life to push your hack.  I hope there is something in here that helps you out or simply just make you happy because there is a girl that cares about your style & want you to look trendy!

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