Mar 15, 2012

Art Through Time

        Last two weeks I visited Johor Art Gallery (Galleri Seni Johor) & Photo exhibition at Rumah Merah Johor. I normally don’t post stuff like this but I thought maybe I’ll start doing so. It’s just because  these two places are very interesting & I knew that I wanted to share with you all. I have so much love for painting & photography. I love painting but I could say that I’m good in drawing rather than painting. I always feel it’s a very absorbing activity, more relaxing & I 'm enjoying doing it. If you interested to have a look at my drawing, feel free to click (HereHere & Here). As much as I love painting, I do love photography too but frankly I’m not good in it.  I take bad photo of beautiful people and views. Come on darling, this is art too! :)  I have a lot of respect for people who have not only have the talent and ability to paint but also for people who can capture beautiful images through the lenses.  

The gallery was great but personally i think they just need to invest more to improve the look of the building from the outside. I love the colonial structure of it. If you like to know more about the history of the building click Here.  The gallery included works by  Royal Higness ,Raja Zarith Sofiah Sultan Idris. I found that her pieces on show at the gallery are eye-catching and inspiring, especially her painting of women in moments of happiness, grief and glory. 

My cousin (Hadifah) & I. 
Thanks to her. She’s the one who drove me to these beautiful places in Johor. :)

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       Photo exhibition of  Winners, The colours of Iskandar Malaysia at Rumah Merah  was spectacular too.  All in all we both have a lot of fun! So if you are into painting or photography why not check out these two places in Johor. 


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