Mar 13, 2012

Things that make you go aahh & make me go wee!

I couldn't understand why people could ohhh, ahh & waaa over the baby. Yes baby are definitely very cute and adorable. Their soft skin, their little fingers and their size, it makes your heart melt like Haagen-Dazs Strawberry Cheesecake. But I always wonder how people could look and spend time with baby for such a long time. Give me 10 minutes looking at their face or maybe half an hour spends time with them & I can tell you I’m definitely done. Please tell me what else I need to see? Maybe I’m missing something’s here.  For goodness sake, the baby doesn't even do anything except crying & sleeping. I guess if the baby could speak, he/she will say ‘Yeah I know I’m superb cute but please leave me alone. I’m not a clown, I don’t want unnecessary attention. Go away! I need to sleep in peace.'
Or Maybe I’m not really a kid person or baby person. But I always keep telling myself that one day I could find one good reason about kid that can make me smile & love them.

Guess what? My wish comes true.

 When I came across these two photos (above), it makes me feel so excited & I start jumping around (oh yeah  ...I always do that when I'm in my exciting mode!.). Can you see why I’m so excited and start jumping around? OMG how super cute is these two little girl in handbag costume & Audrey Hepburn look. I feel like I want to kiss them, hug them & I want to open my arms wide for them to walk with me (any of them). I want to bring these girls to all the party, eat ice cream & shopping with me. (Obviously they need to look stylish like this during all those occasions).

I think the best things about kids are we could dress them in interesting clothes and they will still look cute no matter how ridiculously interesting the clothes might be. I love the cute children clothes & always fight the urge to buy things in children clothing. Sometimes I did end up buying for myself children clothes just because it fit me nicely (Tips for petite women!). I could foresee that my future girl will wear costume like this. Yes I know that children aren't dolls but I can't help but look forward dressing them in cute clothes. 
Weee! Now I’m officially could see a good things about them. So now I could declare myself as a kid person & a friendly baby. Hooray!

Now I'm smiling & start flipping my hair whenever I'm with baby! :)
(My cousin & I)


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