Mar 7, 2012

Delila Designs was at TwtupJohor

          For those lovely people that has been following me on twitter, my blog & subscribe me on Facebook by now have had enough about Delila Designs participated at TwtupJohor Event last Saturday. Here are some pictures that I manage to snap before the crowds turn up!

That's my cousin & I . I was wearing Necklace from Rantai Collection, Delila Designs. 
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Last Saturday was great! 
The place look great, the music was good, and the food was yummylicious but unfortunately I couldn't indulge and enjoying myself eating just because I was so busy selling or I could say entertaining my customer.  Actually, I was quite tickle about this event. It was my first time opening a booth to sell Delila Designs Jewelleries. In the beginning, I was so nervous,a bit excited and at the end I'm glad that I did participate in this kind of event. I gain a lot experience, I got the chance to mingle around with people and getting to know my customer.

To all my lovelies customer that bought Delila Designs Jewelleries, Thank you soooo much. I’m so honoured to be part of your style. To my cousins and aunts that came to my booth. Thanks for the love & support! 

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