Jan 13, 2012

Lovely Beautiful Things I Can't Live Without

It really got me thinking about what I really could & couldn't live without. Of course the obvious that comes to my mind being with family & friends. So I tried to think of things that would stimulate all my 5 senses – see, smell, hear, taste & touch. After a long thought, these are the things that I can’t live without:

Hot drinks 
I rarely skip this morning slice of heaven. I just love hot drinks either coffee, tea, Chai Tea, hot chocolate & Milo. They all never fail to make me feel fresh & happy. My days are definitively better when they start with a cup of hot drinks.

Music to me truly is a universal language. If we fail to understand each other, we can always understand each other through songs. Sometimes I do find a song & it is just totally me. I do it all the times. I’m sure you do as well. I listen to it on repeat for an entire day  or entire weeks until I get bored of it.

I just love and adore perfumes. I don't leave the house without wearing perfumes.Not only because of the smell but it makes me feel like a million dollars.When I’m not wearing it, I feel naked.

Having soft, comfy, crisp, clean & quiet place is heaven. There is nothing as nice as fresh sheets & pillowcase on down pillows.  I love my bed & I love my sleep. So having a gorgeous space to lay my head & unload the day stress is really important to me.It is one of life's simple pleasure.

To Do Lists
I love love love lists. I don't know why. But I have this habit where I’m always writing out lists of things I need to do, want to buy, my ideas & what I’m going to blog about. It makes me really happy especially when I get to cross things off on my To do lists.

What are your lovely beautiful things that you can’t live without?

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