Jul 30, 2012

Dairy Farm {Part 3}

Since I did talk about my hot sunny fun day at the dairy farm for my previous 2 posts 
Part 1 & Part 2
Here are few things I’ve learned along the way.  

Delila (3)

#No 1 
When nothing in my closet felt bearable against the humidity, heat & the place that I was heading. So on the safe side, I choose to wear something classic & simple. Wearing Loose White Cotton Blouse from India,  TopShop Leggings & Ballerina shoes from a numbty shop.

#No 2
Huge Sunglasses to cover my eyes & face.
If you like to know what type of sunglasses suit your face. Click my previous post here

#No 3
I choose to wear light-weight, light-colour & loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibres to keep my body cool and dry quickly when  I started sweating like a pig. If you like to know more about fabric, feel free to read my previous post Here.

#No 4
Although you really don’t have anyone to impress there, but still please choose an appropriate shoes.If not this is what will happened. Screaming!! 

Mud stains here and there on my shoes. Yeah one of those wrong day to wear flat ballerina shoes. But still I survived at the dairy farm! 
Woot woot!
 Girl Power!

Delila (24)

Maybe I should start carry these
Maybe Mr should provide me with this kind of boots (size 4 please)! 


#No 5
Don't forget to use moisturizer with SPF.
 Seriously you don't want to harm your skins & start changing colour like an alien. 
This is what I put on my God given face. :)


he he he! 
 Life can be seriously funny, I started with the intention of writing about cow & dairy farm but somehow ended up here...fashion, beauty & what to wear. 
Oh well~~~


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