Jul 27, 2012

Dairy Farm {Part 1}

He took me out on a date( i think so...he he he!), there were even cows there.
arrr...yup! There lots of them...

 I was so excited! It was a last minute plan, kind of like SURPRISE! I'm such a sucker when it comes to surprises.
*Big Smile on my face*
The first thing that came across my mind, damn! I don’t even have anything appropriate to wear. Believe it/not, I own too many dresses & not a single jean.
 I own heels/flat but not a single sneaker.
 At some point I even try getting out of this plan but honestly I was so excited to see the cows. I never have a chance to see them up close. Chance comes once & I did grab it :-)

So Guess What?
 I end up looking like a lost fashionista in the middle of the dairy farm.

Delila (7) (1)
Me saying Hello to the baby calves. 
Oh dear, some of them were quite friendly & approachable. 
Adorable mooo mooo!....

Delila (8)
I even allow one of the calves to suck my fingers. 
It tickle sooo much...he he he
Their tongues feel such like sand paper. 
Praise the mighty Lord!! my finger still there.

Delila (12)
I wanted to cry !_!
when I saw the cows pee & poo everywhere. 
You darling! You really need a potty –training now!!!

Delila (18)
Some bottles feeding for the young calves.

Delila (9)

Delila (15)
Look the way they sit! 
Have u seen this before?

Delila (21)
This is the place to milking the cow. That blue tubes are the machines for milking the cow. Once the machine turned on, the milk goes to the tubes.

I learnt a lot of things, my mind work like a sponge that day & I had fun!!! 
Thanks to Mr for snapping my photos & for the patience of handling this Little Miss. 

Part 2 coming soon!


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