Jul 29, 2012

Dairy Farm {Part 2}

It was nice & breezy but still the sun was shining brightly on my skins. Honestly, I am not an outdoor person because I do have a hate love relationship with Miss Sunshine.  But it doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate nature.  Nature has always been a source of inspiration for me to look at things differently, relaxing & refreshing myself.

So Guys get ready!
Sit back & relax while watching the clouds, looking at the sky, the cows & Me!

Delila (25)
Such a breathtaking views

Delila (1)
How many times have you really looked at the clouds in the sky & wondered what shape they are? 
 I always do that. The wonder of it make me feel somewhere inside the sky the God is there watching over me.

Delila (25) (1)

Delila (4)
Yup that's me! 

Delila (6)

Delila (2)
I wish he can turn this in some kind of resort & farm house.
 So I can go to escape myself here for awhile.
p/s Dear Mr (You know who you are), 
I did pin few of farm house to  Delila Designs Pinterest  for specific dream Farm House that I like. Feel Free to click it. *shamelessly giving the idea...he he he!*

Delila (13)
 Some of the cows were out to do some exercise in warmer weather.

Delila (5)
Oh wow Cows! Cows!! 

Look none of them excited to see me.
 Maybe they was shocked to see someone as weirdo as me snapped photos & posted a blog about them. Sorrylah...jakun a bit.

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