Jan 3, 2012

Let Give Smiles Away Like a Flower.

When I was a kid, my mum keeps telling me to smile. That time I didn’t understand the power of smiling. Too often I underestimated the power of smile. I frown and I make faces every time she told me to smile.  Ohh darling! Smiling is not an easy job for me, my lips crooked because of my heavy cheek...yeah I was a chubby kid. But today I am grateful that she did ask me to do that. Practice makes perfect.  This is the value that I will cherish forever.  I think everyone should carry a smile inside their heart. Smile that comes from heart make people melts like butter in a heated pan. So we could all smile at the end of the day and be thankful that God has given us another day to live. To be closer to our dreams, to hold our love one tighter and appreciate the people around us.

So Darling keep smiling! Life is wonderful and there are a million of reasons to smile about.


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