Dec 31, 2011

Let's start the year loud & proud

Goodbye 2011!  
You’ll forever be tagged in my head as one of my memorable years yet. In 2011, I feel that I have grown.  I learned so much & I gained a lot of experience. Bad day, bad news, bad experiences have really made me appreciate the good day, good news, good experiences that I have blessed with. There were lots of challenges & trials but thinking on a positive vibes, I couldn't be happier at this moment with the experience I receive during the last 12 months. 
  • I learned that beautiful things happen when I break the rules, be myself, follow my passion & go for it.
  • I learned that do everything with love. Look for beauty & inspiration in unexpected places. It makes me happy & it make things interesting.
  • I learned that act as I want to be treated. The energy and the effort I put out will be returned to me many times over. Give love, I’ll get love in return & give happiness, I’ll get happiness. 
  • I learned that I need to make my own opportunities, create my own luck and look after my own fortunes. Never wait for someone else to hand me what it is I am looking for.
  • I learned that live slowly. Appreciate the small pleasure in life that makes me smile.
As the year is coming to an end I cannot stop thanking my blog readers. It is wonderful being able to share my thought, style, designs, inspiration and glimpse of my life with you. 

Helloooo 2012! 
I'm welcoming you with an open arms, big hugs, thousands of flying kisses & millions of love. Yes!  I'm starting to love you 2012 & please be nice to me.I can feel that you will be really good & sweet to me. I know that I will have a lot of beautiful memories.  2012 going to be my year. Yes my year!. I'm missing people that used to be around me. Dear 2012 I would love to meet and spend time with all of them this year as much as possible. 

Happy New Year!


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