Jan 24, 2012

Lovely Beautiful Things I can't live without- Part 2

I refuse to switch to any kind of digital reader. I love the smell of books. I love the smells of new books that waiting to be read. Antique old books with beautiful designed jackets, sweet little messages written on the inside & the rusty look of the paper. I always wonder who the previous owner of the book. 

Did I mention I love flowers? Be it a bunch of flowers from the market or a few wild flowers.  The very thought of them just bring a smile to my face. I have firm believe that flowers were put on earth to make us happy. Whenever I need a lift, flower will do the trick!

I am officially a dress addict. I couldn’t resist dress because nothing makes me feel more fabulously feminine than a well cut dress. I love the pattern, the cut and the fabric of dress on me. Dresses are so easy to throw on and run out the door. Trust me darling! Dress is the best of option when you live in a hot tropical country.

I love giving and receiving hug from people that mean something in my life. Whenever I hug someone I feel like the world is telling me everything will be okay, there is a love. When I hug someone I’m actually telling them that I care about you and you are lovely.  Nothing can make everything okay after a hard time but I believe the simple act of giving a hug can actually make a different.

 I like the bright red colour of strawberry. The sweet smell of it. I like when I eat it, the juices drip down my chin and between my fingers. Dipping it in chocolate, eating it with creams and having a strawberry milkshake, it feels like heaven.  I found that the heart shape from strawberry is so beautiful. It is like a fruit of love. 


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