Jan 20, 2012

When In Doubt, Do Wear Heels

If you are short like me, the Golden Rule should be Do Wear High Heels. Wearing high heels instantly add 3 to 4 inches of your height. But keep in mind anything too high will looks ridiculous on us. You need to know how to walk in them and remember to keep your back straight. When I was a student I wore a lot of flat shoes because I tend to walk a lot. I do wear flat shoes and still wearing them especially when I drive. That time I could say that flat shoes are must wear for me! I don’t drive with high heels. I tend to change into flats and change back into heels when I reached destination. With flat shoes I know what the break and clutches feels like. I am afraid if I put on heels to drive, I may mistakenly steps on the wrong things. Big Boss Mummy found it very funny & she keeps shaking her head. She said why don’t I just drive barefoot it’s easier. But it’s dirty! :P

Keep Smiling & be comfortable in high heels!

Do you know the advantage of being short? 

We will never towering our male counterpart. He will always look like a macho super hero beside us. But too bad for short people, we still have to tip toe when we want to reach items in high shelves. :( It’s alright there are a lots of Mr Nice Guys around.  So now you can wear your height with some pride and don’t worry darling, your attitude is more important than your height.


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