Dec 14, 2011

I want! I want! I want has the only thing that come to my mind. It was definitely love at first sight.

Searching for that perfect something for another too often leads me to accidentally discovering that perfect something for myself. Yes of course for me darling! 
I want this simple white cupboard for my room
 to replace my dark wood cupboard.
This is so perfect!

I could foresee that this flowery tops will bring
a big sweet smile on my face..:)
I want this!

Aren’t these bamboo bangles looking beautiful? I want these, like 15 of them. 
Trust me.. it will look so nice when wearing all of them at the same time. After all fashion should be inspiring & fun. Otherwise what's the point? 

It's always good to get these. Oh come on universe! I'm just asking only for 3 items.
I know & I can feel now, that the universe is working on my wish list.
Thank you in 

Love Delila

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