Dec 11, 2011

Trust men to choose clothes for you..emmm. Trust women to buy gifts for men...oh YES!

Christmas is coming! 
It's the joy of giving. It’s the season to spread love. 
What to give man? If you've got a man to buy for, it can be tricky finding the perfect gifts for him   (emm..I didn’t mean perfect over here actually I mean the gifts that he will reallyyy love & like) 
So this is my top 5 gifts that I'm considering.

1. A Classic Blazer 

2. A Tickets for Concerts/ Sports ( I know! I know..he'll love it as long as it's not Justin Bieber concert baby... baby :P )

3. A Grooming Box

4. iPad Wood Shellcase ( I love this case!)

5. Leather Travel Case 
( This is soo cool, I want! I want! but in purple please for myself)

Useful tips to buy a gift for men. 

  • Before buying things for men I guess we should look at the men personality & his mindset. I think he will appreciate things that reflect who he is.
  • Words that he passing can be a guide too. Make a mental note when he starts rambling about certain items. But if he rambling about certain cars, yes definitely he wanted that car. When it comes to this just ignore darling... (Oh boy! talk to the hand)
  • Make a list of things he has. Shortlist things that he doesn't & buy for him the things that you think he most need. 
  • Buy him an activity. Let say if he likes outdoor, book him a road trip. 
Ladies, Happy Shopping for your men!

Love Delila

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