Dec 19, 2011

How to have a lovely day?

I found these 10 steps on How to have a lovely day & I had to share them with you. I did test all of them. Believe it or not, it did change my day. I feel like my day is just getting better and better.

  1. Smile at strangers. I like smiling. I believe there is always a reason to smile. When I smile instantly I feel good and happy.
  2. Slow down.  Yep I’m taking one step at a time. 
  3. Say thank you. Too often people take for granted and underestimate the power of saying thank you to others.  We all should say thank you. It can make others people feel good & it makes you feel good too. 
  4. Dress nicely. I just love dressing up.
  5. Give lots of compliments. Yes, this is something I didn’t do much. I just couldn't compliments people just for the sack of it. It need to come from my heart.
  6. Wear perfumes.  I love the transformation power of perfume. Honestly I can’t have enough. It is so fresh & the smell is beautiful. It never fail to make my day beautiful & lovely.
  7. Observe & listen. Okay! I'm doing it.
  8. Be charming.  It is all about heart & soul.
  9. Laugh. Laugh till my stomach hurt.
  10. Wish people a lovely day. Have a great day! 

How sweet are they?  So it is your turn to give it a try darling.

Love Delila

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