Jan 12, 2013

My Life as a Wedding Planner ~ Part 5

I absolutely love to go to wedding that have beautiful decorations. There are so many things that need to be done to decorate for the wedding in order to make the day simply beautiful. To me the real wedding begins at the reception. The first view of the pelamin (bridal bed) is always my favourite. 

Guess what?... I had a chance to actually design the pelamin.
 *Excited Please!*
Duh! Of course, I didn't build the pelamin by myself...
I just designed it & tell them what to do & what not. 
Yeah acting like a boss... :-p

*Drum roll*

Look at this.... :-)


Okay enough!
 you can close your mouth now...I know its beautiful...hehehe

I wanted my cousin’s wedding design to be modern & elegant while reflecting the sense of Johor traditional. By knowing the concept of the pelamin, it enables me to have more focused approach to plan the whole wedding decoration. So I decorated the halls & pelamin with lots of flowers, pastel colours, white tablecloths, gold, & light.

 Nothing over the top just a simple yet sweet.

My sketches of the decoration





With the help from Andaman Telok Belanga Bridal (Pasir gudang) & Key Canopy Services (table settings & chairs) my vision became a reality!

Thank you guys!
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