Dec 26, 2012

My Life as a Wedding Planner ~Part 1

I’m thrilled to share some of my experience as a wedding planner.
 Yep you read it right! 

Delila as a Wedding Planner.
 *Yep that little lady below*
Well life is too short not to take the challenge right darling! 


Party planners and caterer offered help with certain aspects of the wedding but not the whole things. There was no one to deal with the things that people really needed a hand with – 

organised overall of the wedding,
 what need to be done & what not, 
the designs of the bridesmaid dress, 
wedding gifts, 
hantaran decoration,
the decoration of pelamin,
 the table settings, 
searching for the right caterer/vendor/etc, 
dealing with mothers of the bride/groom dilemma,
the stress/nervous break down/happy moment even...
 & that sort of things. 

This is where WEDDING PLANNER what you need!
 * or ..well this where you need me :-p...hehehe*....

So last few months I did step up and took a chance to be a wedding planner /personal assistant for my cousin’s wedding, Hilmi! I’ve been planning this wedding ever since July 2012. His wedding was held in 25th November which was last month. 

Horray it was a blessed & it’s worth it!
*Happy dancing*
The groom (my cousin's Hilmi ) in green suit & I'm with beautiful bridesmaids (my cousin's Aqilah & Anis) in bridesmaid dresses that I designed.

Personally I could say, being a wedding planner is not just doing what you enjoy. Don’t underestimate the task as a wedding planner. It seems glamour & simple but there were few obstacles along the way.  So what I did was just polish my senses & dived straight in. It’s like running your own show & you are the one who in control. I've learned that I have to be organised, dedicated & creative. I need to use both the right and left side of my brain.  I realised that I also need to be people person, be calm under pressure & have good intention to detail. I did try my best to help them execute their vision into reality & now I would say I’m grateful it went so well and I do believer behind a great wedding there is a GREAT team!!!

As I was going to blog, I realised that there’s simply far too much to share within a blog post. So I guess there will be more post on Life as a Wedding Planner  for my reader. :) 

Stay tuned!


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