Jan 29, 2013

Coffee Dose

Check out me and my cousin with my obsession of coffee.

One of us craves for a delicious cup of coffee.  I can’t seem to remember who it was? (It might be me or her...well does it matter? ;-P)   We kind of bored of having coffee at Starbucks or The Coffee Beans.  So we found ourselves at a newly opened cafe Chaiwalla& Co where they make  variety of coffee, tea and pie .  I’m in love with their milk tea  and their beef pie. Plus I like the style of this cafe. It’s not just any ordinary cafe but it is a container coffee. ..yeah i know! interesting right? 

My happy coffee face! :)

These were what I ordered Hot Milk Tea & beef pie....yummy! I
My cousin ordered Vietnamese Coffee. 
Yeah now u know .....she was the one who craved for it. Not me I ordered tea.... :-P
These were what we ordered the second rounds Cold Milk Tea! ...(yeah one was not enough for us, we need second round) Oh I love this place....

So guys! Go and check out Chaiwalla& Co  around Wong Ah Fok area or follow them on Chaiwalla & Co Twitter


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