Jan 10, 2013

My Life as a Wedding Planner ~ Part 4

Going to a wedding it's not complete without wearing something beautiful. It’s never wrong to wear killer outfits for a wedding and be the best dressed guest. :-)

Oh come on!
Everyone need to look beautiful & cheerful on wedding day. Right?
 As long as you not overshadow the bride & decide to wear white. It is totally acceptable! :)

 As a wedding planner I was so busy with the wedding stuff.
 I literally forgot to sew my Baju Kurung....emm yeah... you read it right.... 
Like Hello *pinch myself* 

I have NOTHING to wear. 
* emm...actually I'm sure there is something I could wear in my closet*
but still....I have NOTHING to wear... 

I bought the fabric months before the wedding & did cut it....then I totally forgot about it.
A day before my cousin's wedding i just realised that  the baju kurung actually not ready yet for me to wear.... -________-
*keep telling myself to breath & keep calm* 
With my passion, skills & focus....*I want to wear this! I want to wear this...that's all in my mind*
 I did finish sewing my baju kurung in a day...
Repeat after me IN A DAY! 
*Hugging the dress....oh good girl, mummy love u !* ;-)





I'm wearing Golden Lubang Lace, 
Delila Designs.

Few more parts of My Life as a Wedding Planner coming soon.
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