Oct 25, 2012

Happy Birthday!!!

to my Beloved Papa, 

You are 55 years old this month.
(Yes papa, I just published your age... ;-) }

thank you for being such a good father to me.
thank you for teaching me how to read,  for buying & playing with me in my playhouse even when you didn't want to.
thank you for giving me a good education, sending me to good school, college & university.
thank you for taking care of me when I got sick.
thank you for staying up late & accompany me when I was preparing for my exams.
thank you for your funny jokes. It makes me laugh, smile & we did have fun!
thank you for taking the time to have important conversations with me about life.
thank you for always being there for our family, always putting family first- even when work was so busy.
thank you for your hard work for providing for our family and supporting me. 
thank you for always being supportive in whatever I do &  being so proud of me.
thank you for all our daddy daughter times, hugs & kisses from you. 

to My Dearest Mother,

Words cannot describe how bless & happy I am to have a mum like you. I mean it. I am thankful to be raised by such a caring, graceful, kind & loving woman like you. 

LOVE you both so much, Happy Birthday! 
May god bless both of you with good health, happiness & prosperity.

Lots of Love & Love you guys to the Max! :-*
from your one & only lovely manja's daughter,

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