Oct 5, 2012

10, 000 Hits!!!

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the number of 10, 082 hits on Delila Designs Blog today!

Wow...amazing feeling! God knows how much I’m grateful for this. Thank you so much my reader for sticking along, it means a world to me. Even the simple act as clicking and visiting the posts mean so much to me.  

 Although I could say that I’m new in blogging world but I been blogging consistently since October last year.  Every time when I getting a blog post up, it never fail to make me feel happy & satisfied. When I started blogging, I intended to write about fashion & my creation but now I ended up written about my life, my experience from cooking to travelling & lots more. It become a creative outlet & source of joy that made me excited to get out of the bed each day, connect with others about things that I  love and somehow I could feel that it help to inspire people too.  Blogging is something that everyone could do.  It’s really simple but it is time consuming. Every blog post it created with love, passion & time.  I want to tell you that there was no short cut. Eventually when time flies, by blogging it helped me to find my purpose. It’s like I found my own voice that pushed me to go out & just do it.  My own voice to be original me, wonderful me & it hold me to always come out with the best in whatever I do.  

I wish the rest of the world knew about being a blogger. I am just a real girl like others. I showcase a lot of the good & beautiful things in my life through blogging. The reality is my lives aren’t perfect. I do have issues, challenges, adventurous & a lazy day like everyone else. However since I make my blog a happy place, I tend to show the world just all the beautiful view of my life.  It’s a place where I share what I see, what make me stop & stare, what keep me inspired & what I find interesting.

I was just beyond humble & so happy when people visited & read my blog.
 Thank you guys!

I’m looking forward to get to know you all in the future.
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