Oct 19, 2012

A Touch of Art, A Touch of Fashion...

Fashion into art or should I put in the other way around.  I am a big believer in creating a sort of art that will reflect me. When I put myself in a creation it means colourful, classic, natural, pure, simple & sweet. To me art is a source to uplift my soul while fashion unleashes my personality.

I discover art way before I explore my personal style. I spent teaching myself how to draw rather than care what to wear. While girls my age were getting busy exploring their fashion sense, I was busy painting page after page. The hours of my days spend in school where education is a must, excel in every exam paper that I attempted & taught myself to draw during my free time.  It’s only later in my college year, I start to little bit care more about fashion. That time I shifted my interest into outfit & I created my sense of style. After years of exploring, discovering & searching I found signature of me in everything that I do. Now I could say that I am the brand & I am the product of my experience. The experiences of both avenue were so much fun – So exciting!

Ayu Jade Dress
Delila Designs Portfolio 2012.

Orchid Kantung Dress,
Delila Designs Portfolio 2012.

Naga Empress Dress,
Delila Designs Portfolio 2012.

Suci Lady Dress,
Delila Designs Portfolio 2012.

Ombak Blue Dress,
Delila Designs Portfolio 2012.


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