May 30, 2012

Shopping Tips

Every time when I saw the discount signs & sales banner, I'll start jumping around like a silly bunny. On top of that my heart will start beating fast. I guess that is one of the reasons why I don't go to gym.  I do my exercise in the mall when I shop. I walk the entire mall (which I think equal like walking on the treadmill) with shopping bags in my hand (which equal like doing some cardio ;D ). When it comes to shopping women can become crazy!!! (Please excuse our behaviour) I guess men laughing on the floor looking at our reaction when we shop. They never understand why women think Sales is like a war battles. 

I want to share with you, what I usually do before & when I go shopping. 

1.     First of all, I need to know how much I am willing to spend and keep remind myself to STICK TO IT! 
2.     Prepare myself. When there are Sales-- clothes flying everywhere, no shop assistant to spare, women can get uncontrollable brutal & too many people.  So keep calm and carry on.  
3.     Wear clothing that I can easily take on & off. So that it will be easier for me to try clothes.
4.     Eat before I go shopping because if not my tummy will sounds like nagging grumpy old women that make me not able to concentrate when I shop.
5.     When it comes to what to buy. I always know what I want. So I always directly head first to the store and avoid being distracted by everything else.  So I tend to go to the store that I like the best.
6.     Keep telling myself to be realistic. Buy something that I will wear & use. Stay true to my style. Don’t get swayed by trends that are not for me. 
7.     Mental note to myself only to buy things that genuinely make my heart flutter & not just because it is nice.
8.     Never buy things that I might want just because it is on sale. But things that I am sure.
9.     Buy little but buy the best quality I can afford. This way I can spend less, things will last longer and the things I own will never look cheap. ( Thanks God, I finally learnt this!)
10. Last but not least, Dear my own people never go shopping when you are tired or depressed. This sound logical but many women think a little shopping will raise their spirits. Trust me it won’t! You will tend to buy something that you do not need. When you come home & try. Nothing will look good on you & at the end you become more depressed.

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